Subway Tiles – Why They are Always Trendy

Using subway tiles as your kitchen backsplash is timeless and modern all at the same time! You can also use a mixture of different cabinet colors and countertops. It goes with just about everything.

It is not uncommon to go to a friend’s home, a restaurant, hotel, or even public restroom and see the use of subway tiles in many colors and designs. That is because these tiles are always on trend and can be used in many ways. Thus, making them one of the most versatile ways to design your home. Because they are so versatile, they are easily compatible with any style of décor or architectural style of home.

Whatever look you are going for in your home, subway tiles can help to accomplish your desired look and design. After learning more about the benefits and versatility of this trendy style, you can head to your local home improvement store to pick out your preferred designs and colors and get ready for a fun project!


Subway tiles have come a long way, and there is no limit to their styling possibilities. These tiles come in a variety of colors, in just about any color you can think of. They also are available in many patterns from subtle to bold and fun. The patterns and color possibilities of these tiles can help you create a unique home that reflects your personality and style. The tiles also come in many forms of materials and even have 3-D options for an added flare. In addition to the stylish and versatility of design, they are also very easy to install by just about anyone!

White subway tiles are a great way to make smaller bathrooms look large. It also gives the feeling of cleanliness, which is great in a bathroom. They can be used in the shower, on an accent wall or all around!

Using Subway Tiles Throughout Your Home

Let’s start with the kitchen first, since that is what most people think of when they think of subway tile in a home. In fact, the kitchen is a popular location to use these type tiles. You can use the many colors, styles, and designs of subway tiles to create a beautiful and eye-catching backsplash behind your countertops or even behind your stove. Backsplash from subway tiles can add a pop of style and color to your kitchen and is an easy update to install.

Additionally, you can utilize subway tiles in the bathroom. Adding subway tiles to your shower or around your bathtub on the walls can create an added feature and relaxing ambiance to your bathroom. The tiles can be arranged in any pattern and shape to create a truly unique look. Further, add them on the wall above your sink and place a large mirror on top for a stunning bathroom update! You can even use subway tiles on your floors! Subway tile flooring can give you a unique bathroom or kitchen floor that you are sure to love!

These are just a few ways to use subway tiles in the home, as the possibilities are endless. For more information and design ideas, for your bath and kitchen, contact us at Friel Lumber.

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