Fun Ways to Incorporate an Herb Garden in Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of the home, an area where families like to gather and prepare meals. What better way to prepare lunch or dinner than from your own herb garden? An herb garden in kitchen spaces is a great addition, providing a healthy way to prepare meals. There are many ways to add an herb garden to your kitchen. Obviously, there are the traditional clay pots, but what’s the fun in being traditional? Read on to see how you can add real herbs to your home with style, making it fun to cook with various tasty items.

In the Window

Most kitchens have a window, usually above the kitchen sink, and this is a great place to create an herb garden. You can do this in a number of ways, as the herbs can enjoy sunlight and you can enjoy the lovely aroma produced by your crop of herbs and spices. One way to make your herb garden look beautiful is to place small planters in a long wooden planter box. And, you can stain the wooden box any color you like or even paint it a fun color. Simply, place the box in the kitchen window with the planters inside, water your herbs, and watch them grow. Also, don’t be afraid to get creative with your window containers. You can match your décor or even let the kids help decorate the display.

Hang it High

One unique way to design herbs in the kitchen is to use a decorative curtain rod. First, find an empty space along a wall of your kitchen and hang a decorative curtain rod. Then, you will need to use small hanging planters to display your herbs. You should be able to hang three to five planters on the curtain rod based on the size of your planters. Use beautifully painted pots in a cohesive color to show off your herb garden. Lastly, hang the curtain rod at eye level or a bit lower for easy access to watering and using your herbs.

Decorative Table

Herbs can easily be decorative so why not use your herbal garden as a centerpiece? If you have a large kitchen island or a table in the kitchen for dining, use this space to highlight a few herbs. An interesting way to do this is to create a narrow and long wooden tray. Once you have the tray constructed, you can then place your planters inside and place this at the center of your table or island. The pots will look uniform and beautifully displayed inside the tray. This makes for a great centerpiece and a lovely way to find form and function with the herbs.

These are just a few ideas you can use to display your herb garden in kitchen design. Look around your space and see what empty spots might benefit from displaying your herbs and get to work! You will soon have a lovely display that is both useful and visually appealing.

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