7 Inspiring White Kitchens

For some, there is nothing more beautiful than a white kitchen. From the crisp white cabinets to the white countertops, the color appears clean and fresh. And, it provides a beautiful backdrop for the most used room in the home. When planning a remodel or changes to your kitchen, white can be a lovely color choice. These inspiring white kitchens below can help get you started in changing the way your space looks and feels.

White Cabinets

White cabinets are a good choice for the kitchen as they provide an excellent backdrop for the space. The cabinets are usually the first thing you see, so having a bright white can be quite appealing. When remodeling a kitchen, you have the option to paint your existing cabinets white or install new ones with a different look and material type. Choose unique handles for your cabinets that pop off the white coloring for a unique look.

White Countertops

The countertops of your kitchen are also a main focal point. By adding a lovely white based countertop, you can create a stunning kitchen. Affordable laminate countertops can be included in the kitchen with the primary coloring being white, mixed with black and gray for a quality neutral approach. Go big with marble or granite to add a bit of luxury touch to your new kitchen. White countertop options can be found in many materials and design types so you can customize your kitchen as you see fit.

Kitchen Island

Do you want to add a new kitchen island to your existing kitchen? Consider having a custom island built with a white base and white countertops. Even if your existing cabinets are a color, such as black or gray, the white kitchen island will stand out and create a unique focal point in the kitchen. You can bring in the coloring from your cabinets into the countertop of the island to tie the space together.


Another way to bring in crisp white coloring into the kitchen is with décor. You can add white décor in many ways. Open up a few cabinet doors with glass inserts and use white dishware in these cabinets. You are creating a nice focal point where the dishes look cohesive and clean. Hang white plates of various sizes on one wall of the kitchen to bring in the white coloring to the space. You can even use plates of varying shades of white for a unique look.

These are just a few examples as to how you can use white as a focal color of the kitchen. Look around your kitchen and determine which aspects you want to change. This will give you a starting point. Want new cabinets? Start there. Use white for your new cabinets and the rest of the area will fall into place. You will be able to add new countertops, choose your décor and wall paint color once you have the design of your cabinets decided. Adding white to the kitchen can be fun and exciting, so give it a try!

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