Kitchen Sinks: Choosing the Right One for a Remodel

When you’re ready for a remodel of your kitchen, you’re going to want to design it best to fit you and your family’s needs and style. Of course, aesthetics and appliances will be fundamental aspects of your kitchen remodel. But don’t forget about the all-important kitchen sink! Your sink is the hero of all your cooking and cleaning needs, from washing vegetables to scrubbing pans. So, when it comes to kitchen sinks, which one is the best?

Types of Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks come in many different designs and materials. Some are more popular than others for their look, affordability, or ease of maintenance. Let’s look at three of the most popular choices.

Stainless Steel

Also, consider how many sinks you might need. For larger kitchens, having a smaller sink for produce and cooking is helpful.

Stainless steel is unquestionably the most popular choice for a kitchen sink. This material is lightweight and easy to install. It’s also very resistant to stains (hence its name), helping you keep a clean appearance in your kitchen. You can find a stainless steel sink in many different shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your design well.

One downfall of stainless steel sinks is that they can be quite loud. So if you’re tossing in pots and pans, you will certainly hear it.

Speaking of tossing dishes around, did you know that stainless steel sinks can also be prone to denting? If you do choose a stainless steel sink, you want to be gentle with it. You’ll also want to pay attention to the gauge of the steel you choose, as it will influence how easily your sink will dent.

Cast Iron with Porcelain Coating

A cast iron sink is a highly durable option, so it is also among the most popular choices when designing a kitchen. However, cast iron does rust when exposed to water, which poses a major problem since we’re talking about sinks, which are for washing with water. That’s why cast iron sinks always have a coating, most commonly porcelain.

The porcelain coating gives a cast iron sink a lovely, sparkly finish. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to stains, so you have to clean a porcelain-coated sink regularly. Just like a stainless steel sink, you will want to be gentle with a cast iron sink with a porcelain coating. The cast iron can take a beating and not dent, but the porcelain can chip if treated too roughly. Chipped porcelain can allow water into the cast iron and lead to rusting.


Copper has recently come into fashion as a material for kitchen sinks. They add a rustic touch to the design and serve as a bold statement piece in your kitchen. As a bonus, there is evidence that they have an antimicrobial effect that could help keep you and your loved ones safe.

One downfall of a copper sink is that it will change color. Copper adopts a patina color over time. It’s the same as the difference between a new penny and an old one.

Frequent scrubbings can help slow down the discoloration but will not stop it forever. If you are interested in a copper sink for your kitchen remodeling project, make sure to consider the color change and make sure that it will work with your design over time.

Do You Need Help with Your Design?

Kitchen sinks are just one part of your kitchen remodel. Friel Kitchen and Bath has an experienced team who can help you with every aspect of your kitchen remodel design from top to bottom. We proudly serve homeowners in the Kent Island and Eastern Shore of Maryland areas. Contact us today to start discussing your kitchen remodel.

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