3 Ways to Incorporate Different Building Materials into Your Kitchen Remodel

Is your kitchen in need of a makeover? Giving your kitchen a remodel is a great way to enhance the space and improve your home’s aesthetic. Remodeling your kitchen can take it from dull and outdated to stylish and innovative. When remodeling any room in your home, the aim is to give the space a fresh new look and feel. One of the best ways to do that is by incorporating a multitude of different building materials into the remodel.

Everything from wood to stainless steel can add a unique sense of character to your new kitchen. Check out these three ways to use multiple building materials in your home remodel below.

Before you start putting together designs for your kitchen remodel, you’ll want to consider all of the different building materials you can use to add character and depth to the new look. For some inspiration, take a look at these three great ways to utilize multiple building materials in your home remodel:

1.  Layer Your Lighting

A great way to spruce up any room is by getting creative with lighting. There are three main layers of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient light is the overall lighting of the room. That would be your standard ceiling light that illuminates the entire space. Task lighting is more concentrated and directed at certain areas for function. That would be a light over the sink or oven. Accent lighting is very concentrated and only focuses on certain focal points.

By utilizing all three lighting layers, you can add different lighting effects to your kitchen. That may look like an intricate chandelier at the center of the room for ambient lighting, downlights under the upper cabinets for task lighting, and small accent lighting on certain pieces of decor.

2.  Warm Up with Wooden Elements

Incorporating wood into any remodeling project will instantly warm up a space. When remodeling your kitchen, you can easily add wooden elements into the design with wood cabinets. With that said, you should also think outside the box and use wood in ways you may not have thought of before.

You can add a wooden island to the center of your kitchen if you have the space. You can also utilize wood in home accents and decor in many ways, whether it be picture frames, wooden sculptures, or other pieces of wooden shelf decor. It helps that there are so many varieties of wood to choose from and mix and match. Whether you like oak, cedar, or mahogany, you can always find the perfect wood for your home.

3.  Accentuate with Accents

When you want to utilize different building materials in any home remodeling project, one of the easiest things to do is add accents of various textures. There are so many materials you can use throughout the kitchen for the purpose of accenting, which makes your design options endless.

Say you’re going for a traditional kitchen aesthetic. You may want to use rubbed bronze cabinet knobs as hardware accents. Perhaps you’re more interested in a modern, sleek look for your new kitchen. You may opt for stainless steel fixtures and black leather bar stools at your center island. Whatever look you have in mind, get creative with your accents and choose materials that accentuate your kitchen’s unique style.

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