How to Choose Between Partial and Full Kitchen Backsplashes

There’s a lot to consider while redesigning your kitchen. Kitchen backsplashes once were afterthoughts一merely something functional and necessary. Now, they are often well-thought-out, artistic aspects to a kitchen design. With all the options available to homeowners today, you may be wondering which backsplash is right for you and your kitchen aesthetic. Each offers its own benefits and beauty.

The Difference Between Partial and Full

Regardless of what design you choose, it’s important to remember that backsplashes serve a purpose. They are there to protect your walls from any splashing or spattering that may occur while you are cooking in your kitchen. A partial kitchen backsplash is one that only covers the wall behind your counter. Typically they are about four inches higher than the countertop, but you don’t have to limit yourself to standard dimensions.

A full kitchen backsplash goes from the top of the counters all the way up, usually to the cabinets. Some homeowners even take theirs to the ceiling.

Benefits of Partial Kitchen Backsplashes

The biggest benefit of a partial kitchen backsplash is affordability. After designing your floors and cabinets and selecting your appliances, it’s understandable that you might want to find somewhere to reign in your spending. Many homeowners take leftover material from their favorite countertops and use it to top off the edge where the counter meets the wall. That creates a simple transition from the counter to the wall while offering protection from splatters running between the two.

If you prefer the idea of a contrasting backsplash, you can apply many of the same options available for a full backsplash on a smaller scale. That will achieve the more modest look of a partial backsplash you’re after and prove much more affordable than a full backsplash.

With a partial backsplash, you will need to consider which paint to use on the wall behind the counter. Paint is a good choice if you want more cohesion between that part of the kitchen and other parts of the room or house. Some people worry that kitchen spills won’t come off paint, but you can clean these stains with everyday household products.

Benefits of Full Kitchen Backsplashes

Full kitchen backsplashes can be a real statement in your kitchen. They can even help your new cabinets to pop, too. There are a variety of materials available to use as backsplashes. That means you have a wide range of creative options to help your personality and aesthetic shine. Although the trend for full backsplashes is comparatively modern, many of the materials and designs are timeless. So don’t worry about your kitchen falling out of fashion.

Most backsplashes are much easier to clean than painted drywall. Cleanability is worth considering if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen or are a particularly excitable (messy) chef.

Consider your budget when you are making this decision. While not all backsplash material is expensive, the volume of material necessary to cover a whole wall or multiple walls will add up. If you have your heart set on a particular material but can’t justify the cost, consider doing a partial and getting the rest done later.

Which Kitchen Backsplashes Work For You?

Ultimately the decision is up to you. Think about your dream kitchen, how you use your cooking space, and what you can afford. The backsplash you choose should satisfy every consideration and work well for you and your design. The professionals at Friel Kitchen and Bath Design Center are ready to help you design the kitchen of your dream. Contact us today to get started.

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