Kitchen Island Design Tips

According to the National Association of Home Builders, up to 70 percent of home buyers desire an island in their kitchen. Islands serve many purposes both fun and functional. Whether you home already has an island, or you want to invest in one there are some questions to ask yourself. Like, what is the primary purpose of the island? What features would you like to enhance or highlight? These kitchen island design tips offer some great ways to maximize this creative workspace.

  • Lighting: Proper lighting can transform a kitchen. Lights placed above your island improves the functionality, while, at the same time, creating a focal point. Recessed lighting can help to highlight storage and shelving.
  • Work Space: When designing the island with a workspace in mind, consider the importance of size. It needs to be wide enough and tall enough. That way, you will have enough room, and it will be comfortable for standing and working at.
  • Outlets: Not only are the number of outlets important, but their placement is too. They need to be readily available for shorter cords.
  • Storage Options: Let your imagination run wild here. There is no end to the storage options you can include, such as wine racks, open shelving, drawers, or sliding shelves.
  • Appliances: To maximize your island’s function consider installing dishwashers, cooktops, wine coolers, refrigerator or warming drawers, even ovens. Talk with your design consultants about all the options and is best for you.
  • Sinks: An island sink improves your efficiency when prepping food. However, the placement is key. If your island is smaller place it to one side to maximize your workspace. Consequently, it the island is large, placing it in the middle could effectively create two separate workspaces.
  • Seating: While seating is optional, it adds functionality. Most noteworthy, if you want to sit at your island, the ideal height is 42 inches. If your kitchen is small the island could completely eliminate the need for a separate dining table.

Kitchen islands are a desirable feature in any kitchen. Talk with the Friel Lumber design experts. Our team can show you all the creative ways you can make the best use of this centerpiece. Allow us to help you make the most of your investment.

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