Adding Privacy To Your Bathroom Windows

There is no doubt that privacy is important for your bathroom. However, if your space features stunning views of your property or fabulous natural light you should highlight that. There are creative ways for adding privacy to your bathroom windows, without sacrificing these appealing attributes. Many of these projects are perfect for a weekend DIY project, or rather, built right into the construction of your bathroom remodel.

Wooden Plantation Blinds or Shutters

Popular due to their versatility, attractiveness, and user-friendly design. Plantation blinds and shutters offer wide slats, so that when open offer a great view, plus allow for plenty of natural light.

Window Film

An inexpensive method for obscuring the view of your window without completely blocking light. These films apply quickly yet remove easily. In addition, they add a design element without hanging curtains.

Glass Block

Consider glass block as a sophisticated way of adding privacy while allowing filtered light to enter your bathroom.

Strategic Window Placement

Remodeling your bathroom? Why not consider moving the windows? Placing them higher on your walls allows plenty of light to enter. However, will not allow for anyone to see into your bathroom.

Cafe Curtains

Hang cafe curtains at the half way point of your windows. Essentially obstructing any external view from the shoulders up. Because they are hung on the bottom, they maintain privacy and consequently still allow a great view.

Translucent Frosted or Obscure Glass

If you are ordering new windows for your bathroom remodel, why not consider obscure frosted glass? If you already have newer windows, contact your contractor to see if the glass is replaceable. You may be surprised to find there is a local glass company or window manufacturer in your area.

Roll-Up Shades

Bamboo shades bring a natural element into your bathroom. Most of all, they are inexpensive, easy to install and operate.

Designer Windows

While at the higher end of the cost spectrum, custom windows are an artistic option for privacy. Furthermore, if made of stained glass create a beautiful focal point and design centerpiece for your bathroom.

The design team at Friel Lumber understands the advantages of natural light in a bathroom. We will work with you to formulate unique solutions for adding privacy to your bathroom windows. Our goal is helping you create the bathroom of your dreams. Contact the professionals in our Kitchen and Bath Design Center, today!

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