Choosing the Best Bathroom Sink for Your Needs

If you are building or redesign a bathroom, there are 3 essential elements to consider: the toilet, the shower or tub, and the sink. For this blog, we want to concentrate just one of those components, the sink. Choosing the best bathroom sink for your needs can seem overwhelming. After all, there are so many designs and vanity styles to choose from. Start by considering who will be using the bathroom. Is this a main, high traffic area or your master bathroom? that can greatly change your needs for a sink. Here are some sink styles and options to consider, and our recommendations.

Wall-mounted sinks can go traditional, like this sink, or even very modern with stainless steal.

Wall-Mounted Sinks

If not already made obvious by the name, these sinks are affixed directly to the wall. Wall-mounted sinks are a great solution for small bathrooms as they allow for floor space under the sink. They help make a small bathroom feel larger by being very minimalistic. On the other hand, they aren’t ideal for those who need counter space. While some like the airiness this sink can bring to a room, consider what you will be doing and if counter space is necessary.

Our recommendation is this is used for small bathrooms or half baths. It isn’t ideal for master bathrooms or bathrooms that are for multiple kids.

Pedestal Sinks

With similar benefits to a wall-mounted design, a pedestal sink adds elegance to any bathroom. This  is a great way to make your sink really stand out. They also have a lot of gorgeous faucets for pedestal sinks, with separate hot and cold valves. They are also super easy to keep clean. However, unlike traditional sink vanities, there is no storage underneath and depending on the pedestal, doesn’t allow for many other items like a wall-mounted sink would.

We recommend a pedestal sink for half bathrooms, particularly long bathrooms. If opting for this look, consider using the space above your toilet for additional storage. If you are looking for a more compact sink but something with a ride rangle of styles, this is a great choice.

Vessel sinks aren’t just round, they can be rectangle or square too!

Vessel Sinks

This is a huge trend. Vessel sinks come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The material can vary as well. We have seen everything from copper to glass designs. You can also have it partially recessed into the counter top or look like a bowl sitting on top of the counter. These sinks really make a statement in your bathroom. You will need to consider taller faucets and fixtures to make them more compatibility with the design of the sink.

Honestly, you can use this in just about every bathroom. The choice really is if you want your sink to make a statement. If so, there are fun glass designs to offer some flare or more earthy tones with metal bowls. Your imagination is your limitation when it comes to vessel sinks.

Inset or Under-Mounted Sink

This sink is not meant to stand out. It is set either flush with the counter or under-mounted and framed by the counter. More than likely these counters are installed over a vanity. These are very common in most household full-bathrooms and master baths. This really is about having the countertop stand out more than the sink. Under-mounted sinks also allow for much more counter space.

These are great sinks for masters bathrooms, specially dual vanities. It is important that the sinks are properly installed to prevent leakage. Nonetheless, you have endless options for fixtures and countertops.

Still have questions regarding choosing the best bathroom sink for your needs? The experts at Friel Lumber can help. Stop into the Kitchen and Bath Design Center. Our team will work with you to find the perfect sink for your bathroom design and lifestyle.

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