Updating Your Kitchen Can Transform Your Eating Habits

Updating your kitchen can transform your eating habits and can have long-lasting effects, not just on the look and functionality of the home but your diet too. Often, an outdated, cluttered kitchen can lead you to choose unhealthy food options, as you have less space to cook. Redesigning a larger, efficient kitchen will provide you the opportunity to cook and prepare your meals with ease. Thus, leading you to cut down on quick, unhealthy foods and avoid going out to eat regularly. Read on to find out how updating your kitchen can transform your eating habits.


Getting your kitchen organized can make it simple to use, not to mention it will make your life easier. To start, utilize smart snack bins in the refrigerator, lazy susans, and pull-out cabinet dividers for the pantry and cabinets. Just a few small tricks will afford you easy access to all of your kitchen tools, foods, spices, and ingredients. By ensuring that you have plenty of variety and room for kitchen organization, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


If you have a kitchen that is full of hard-to-clean surfaces, you may not want to whip up elaborate meals. On the other hand, a clean, crisp kitchen is likely to inspire you to start cooking! Once you see how simple it is to wipe down new surfaces, you’ll have more interest in cooking complex meals. 


You may have found that old kitchen appliances and a cramped layout have hindered your ability to prepare food and move around the kitchen. For instance, adding new appliances, like a larger sink and an electric stovetop, and attaching an island can improve your cooking workflow. Modern sinks have overhead spray nozzles to make quick work of produce washing, as well as cleaning the dishes. Additionally, a kitchen island acts as a clean surface for fast and efficient food prep. And, as a final note, an electric stovetop is a breeze to clean, and it heats up water rapidly. 

If you’re interested in redesigning your kitchen, Friel Lumber’s Kitchen and Bath Design Center can help you achieve your vision. Our team of experienced designers is available to help you make the best decisions regarding your new design or remodel. Contact us today.

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