Brilliant Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Inspiration

We understand the desire to gravitate toward a crisp white kitchen for its clean, organized neutral look. Our team also gets why many homeowners love the classic look of traditional wood cabinets. However, there is a lot to be said about colorful cooking spaces. Brilliant kitchen cabinet colors not only evoke happiness but can create a cozy, welcoming space for friends and family to gather. Here are some inspiring ideas for bringing color into the kitchen.


According to the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, red is the color of energy and fire. It has always been associated as a symbol of divine energy that is both destructive and creative, a perfect yin-yang. The color red also enhances human metabolism and inspires feelings of vigor, willpower, leadership, courage, passion, sensitivity and love. When used properly, red in the kitchen will invite hungry friends and family, desiring a delicious meal and ravenous for good company.


It is a wonderful idea incorporating green into the kitchen. And, here’s why. Green inspires a calming, balancing, healing, relaxing and tranquil effect. It is a natural color that also represents growth, vitality, and abundance. What better feelings to evoke in a space so often used as a communal gathering area, or referred to as the “heart of the home?” Add a fun splash of green on an island, or use it either on the top or bottom cabinets. Green has a powerful healing quality and is the most restful color to the human eye. It also associated with stability and endurance.


What is more inviting than a sunny, bright kitchen? Using yellow in the kitchen is sure to have a warming effect. It arouses feelings of cheerfulness, joy, happiness, intellect and energy. Using yellow in your kitchen could be the perfect cure for the winter blahs, as well as reinforce the sunny days of summer. Considering that yellow is also uplifting, warm, and expansive everyone in your home will feel comfy and loved when spending time in your kitchen.


Blue is the color of both the sky and the sea. In Feng Shui, it is beneficial to the mind and the body. It is associated with depth and stability. Blue serves to inspire healing by calming the metabolism, to create feelings of peace. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, faith and truth. What could be better than a space known for social gatherings? Using blue in your kitchen will create a feeling of understanding, integrity, and dependability. Inspire clarity and renewal.

Hopefully, these brilliant kitchen cabinet colors have inspired you to add a little flair to your kitchen. Remember, it is not necessary to go all out. In fact, a little could go a long way. Need assistance adding color to your design? Come into the Friel Lumber Kitchen and Bath Design Center for a consultation. Our team is here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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