7 Smart Devices for the Kitchen

More and more we are incorporating smart devices into the home. Technology that allows you to set alarms and thermostats to turning on/off lights from just about anywhere, at any time. While many of these tools can be pricey, we have found some fun smart devices for the kitchen. These gadgets will help you to create a connected kitchen, and could assist in ensuring that you never burn dinner again.


1. Smart Scale

There are a variety of these types of scales on the market. They claim to “bring recipes to life.” Here’s how it works. You download an app on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. This app offers a variety of recipes and directions. It connects to the digital scale to help ensure that every ingredient is precisely measured out. The promise is perfect meals, every time. There are a variety of bonus features, such as social sharing, wireless, and a long lasting battery.

2. Tablet Stand

Seems like a necessity if you use your tablet in the kitchen, either for research, or when connecting to other smart technology. It helps make sure your tablet is upright, keeping it safe from spills, etc. A tablet stand also adds an element of convenience and ease of use. Therefore, maximizing the user experience.

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3. Voice Command Bluetooth Speaker

These speakers are more than just for listening to music. They are more of a digital assistant and smart home controller. The device responds to voice queries and offers multiroom audio. It also provides complete hands-free, voice-activated quick internet searches.

4. Sous Vide

Pronounced “sue-veed” this type of cooking was once only found in the best French restaurants in the world. Meaning ‘under vacuum” it involves a process of vacuum sealing food, then cooking it in a water bath. You now have the availability to use a portable device, submerged in a pot of water. The cooker also connects to your phone so that you can control it remotely. It allows for a precise cooking environment featuring controlled temperatures. The result? Super juicy and moist, delicious flavorful food, every time.


5. Smart Frying Pans

This Bluetooth-connected frying pan syncs with an app on your phone to make cooking a cinch. First, choose a recipe from the app. Then it will voice-guide you step by step through the entire process from prep to cooking. The base of the pan has heat sensors, so you will never burn your supper again. Together, the technology works on improving cooking skills.

6. Smart Meat Thermometer

Now you can cook steaks and other cuts of meat like a pro with a smart digital meat thermometer. When connected to your smartphone app it enables you to cook juicy steak, chicken, turkey, fish or other meats. Imagine knowing exactly when your pot roast or Thanksgiving turkey is ready. Once the food has reached the desired temperature, you will receive notification on your phone. You can monitor your meat anywhere you have access to the Internet.


7. Connected Coffee Makers

Give yourself a real reason to get out of bed every morning. Hot brewed coffee ready as soon as you walk into the kitchen. Smart coffee makers do just that. You can control the brewing with a timer from your smartphone. There is a bit of prep required beforehand, such as adding the water and grinds. However, the majority of the products are super simple to use, basically plugging in and connecting to the internet.

Want to create your dream kitchen? Visit Friel Lumber’s Kitchen and Bath Design Center. Our expert team can help you design and research many types of smart devices for the kitchen. This is in the effort of creating the perfect space for you and your family.

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