10 Top Trending Kitchen Upgrades

Designers are showcasing many trends for the coming year. From revisiting old school products to incorporating the latest green technologies that save on energy costs. Wondering what are the top trending kitchen upgrades? We have a few ideas to inspire you!

Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets. Source: https://theinspiredroom.net/

1. Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets

Designers are ditching the notion that all kitchen cabinets must match. As a result, tuxedo cabinets are trending more and more. To achieve this style utilize cabinets that are finished in complementary light and dark colors. Consider using navy and pale gray, or brown and celery, or deep green and cream.

2. Faucets and Fixtures

Switching out your sink faucet and accessories will give your kitchen a quick, inexpensive fresh change. There are many styles and finishes available in a variety of price points. Furthermore, in only a matter of hours with a minimal investment, you can upgrade the look of your sink.

3. Backsplashes

Give your kitchen a facelift by updating your backsplash. Consider using tile. White subway tile is a trend that is growing strong and seems to have real lasting power. Or, add a little shine with a stamped sheet metal option. Low on budget? Why not focus on creating a backsplash centerpiece behind the stove wall?

4. Hidden Appliances

Stainless steel is still popular, but more designers are creating a sleek kitchen look with hidden appliances. Stainless can seem cold, industrial, and sterile, why not warm up your space with covered refrigerators or microwave drawers? Therefore, creating a cozy, comfortable kitchen.

Butcher Block Countertop. Source: thekitchn.com

5. Quartz Counters

While quartz has been around for years, it seems like it is once again being considered THE counter contender for the coming year. Quartz is close to indestructible. The material is non-porous and most noteworthy, more sanitary than other surfaces. Dealers boast that your counters will 99.9 percent bacteria free.

6. Energy Saving Technology

From LED lighting to advances in modern appliances, more designers and homeowners are incorporating energy-saving technology into the kitchen. Consider that your refrigerator consumes up to 17 percent of your entire home’s energy costs, these technologies are worth upgrading. Hence, with only a few changes you can see a difference on yearly utility bills.

7. Butcher Block Countertops

Add natural warmth and beauty to your kitchen with wood countertops. Opt for a butcher block kitchen island or consider using it throughout. It is hard working, well-priced and a smart choice. However, it will require knowledgeable upkeep.

8. Mixed Hardware

Designers and homeowners are opting to skip the standard matching cabinet and appliance hardware. Instead, they are mixing it up for a more eclectic look. From rose gold or black consider it the jewelry for the kitchen. In addition, it adds a bit of panache and personalized style.

9. Marble Countertops

Popular for its beautiful appearance and durability, marble counters are some of the most long-lasting types of counters on the market. They are available in a variety of colors and designs. While it is a bit pricey, if properly cared for could literally last for a hundred years, in the same condition it was first created.

10. Linoleum

Real linoleum is an entirely natural product. Made from natural raw materials like linseed oil, rosin, and wood with jute backing, linoleum is often mistaken for cheaper vinyl flooring. It is a great “green” product that is extremely resilient. It is being featured in more and more kitchens, therefore staging a real comeback and worth checking out.

Have these top trending kitchen upgrades inspired you to make a few changes in your kitchen in the coming year? Contact the Friel Kitchen and Bath Design Center for a consultation. Our designers will work with you to formulate the best plan to incorporate upgrades, no matter your budget. Together let’s make a creative change!

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