Kitchen Island Ideas for Any Size Kitchen

A kitchen island can transform the workspace of the kitchen as well as provide a design element and additional seating. The type of kitchen island you install in your home will depend on several factors, from the size of the space to your design aesthetic. Overall, you have the ability to be creative and choose something that meets your personality as well as kitchen needs. Below are a few ideas to help you decide on a kitchen island for your home.

Permanent or Mobile?

One option to consider is whether you prefer the island to be permanent or mobile. With a permanent kitchen island, you will not be able to move it at all. This option is best for larger kitchens and islands that will have plumbing and electrical features. A permanent island can offer seating as well as an area for the microwave and other appliances. A mobile island is better for smaller kitchens. Because you can move the island out of the way, you can keep it against the wall and move it into position when needed for extra prep space.

How Big of an Island Should You Install?

This will also be dependent on the size of your kitchen. If you are doing a complete remodel, you can create a large kitchen island for your home. This will allow seating and a large countertop for dining and prep space. If you are adding an island to your existing kitchen, you may have to choose something smaller to fit into the space. One of the best ways to see how big of an island you can install is to consult with a kitchen designer. A company that specializes in kitchen design will be able to measure the space and determine the right fit for your home.

Creating Your Own Kitchen Island

Perhaps, you like to be creative and want to make your own kitchen island? You can easily do so. Pinterest is a great resource when it comes to DIY projects, including kitchen island ideas. Ideas range from converting an old dresser into an island or using pallet wood to create a small island for the kitchen. The options are seemingly endless. Scour Pinterest with search terms, such as DIY kitchen island to find examples of what others have done. This will help to get your creative ideas flowing and you can come up with the perfect solution for your home.

Shape of the Island

It is also important to consider what shape you would like the island to be. For the most part, islands will be created in a rectangle shape. However, you could opt for a circle shape or even an L-shape depending on where the island will be installed. Take a look at your kitchen to see what shape will work best for what you wish to have, including seating and prep space. Overall, you have many options when it comes to designing a kitchen island. Get to work looking at various ideas to see how you can transform your kitchen space with the installation of a new island.

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