What Shower Design Makes Perfect Sense for Your Bathroom Remodel?

Shower design is a top consideration as you plan your home’s bathroom remodel. The shower you choose can affect the style and type of decor you pick for the rest of your bathroom. Additionally, you’ll want to go with a shower type that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

Embrace Luxury and Smart Tech

If you want to implement more innovative technology into your home, why not start with your shower design? For example, consider adding a voice-activated Bluetooth speaker to make it easier to listen to your favorite music or podcast. You can even find exhaust fans with voice commands and built-in speakers. Shower designs can also include updated features like skylights, dual showerheads, and steam showers.

Get More Kid-Friendly with Your Shower Design

While luxury might be a great option for an en suite, there are more important features to consider when choosing a shower design for a home with small children: storage, ease of use, and safety. Storage can be built-in, such as a shower niche, or added after the fact.

Either way, it’s essential to keep their shampoos, body washes, and soaps readily accessible. Proper storage, such as caddies, shelves, and baskets, helps with bath time. Not to mention, when everything has a place, even their toys, it keeps everyone safe. Overall kid-friendly shower designs typically include a tub surround. This way, it is easier to transition from bathtime to showers as the kids grow.

Shower Design for Growing Older

On the opposite end, as we age, shower design can accommodate that too. Everyone’s needs can be different, but there are a few features that can help anyone. Like having seamless shower doors. These doors connect directly with the floor and have no curb. This can help prevent slipping and tripping.

You could also consider heated floors, railings, and a shower bench. These are great features for stand-up showers and age with you as mobility decreases. It is also great to consider for an in-law suite.

What to Design Your Shower?

As you design your shower, keep in mind that some things may not work well in practice. For example, many people have a problem with open showers in larger bathrooms; the heat escapes. On the flip side, you need to maximize the space with smaller bathrooms. And then there is the shower placement, doors, and how the water is drained.

Before planning your bathroom remodel, visit one of our two convenient showrooms. We offer a wide selection of kitchen and bath designs to help you create a unique look for your renovation. Visit us today to explore your options!

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