Timing Is Everything — How Long Do Home Remodeling Projects Take?

When you want to undertake new home remodeling projects, one of the first things you’ll want to consider is how long each project will take. This is an important consideration since the project will likely disrupt life in your home until the renovation is complete. In addition to the scope or size of the project, you’ll have to consider the planning process involved in any remodeling project.

All Home Remodeling Projects Start With Measurements

It seems simple enough but having precise measurements is crucial to the overall project. Whether you start with a contractor or a design team is up to you. However, both will need to know the measurements. Having accurate measurements increased the efficiency of a project and minimizes issues down the line.

Once you choose a contractor to do your renovation, you’ll want to schedule a walk-through with them. This involves the contractor visually inspecting the rooms or areas of your home to be renovated. During the visit, the contractor will take measurements. This is very important for designers, like us. However, you can hire a design team before you determine a contractor. These steps can be interchangeable. The most important part of this step is making sure the contractor and/or designer understand the available space and the homeowner’s needs.

Determining the Renovation Specifics

If you are using a design team like Friel Kitchen & Bath Design Centers, the next step is to have a meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to get more specific about what you want your new renovation to look like. You’ll pick out cabinetry, hardware, and other materials/features for your remodel.

The design team will use the space measurements and put them into our own computer software to create blueprints and schematics for the project. They can help you modify your design to ensure it fits in your available space, takes advantage of natural lighting, and addresses other concerns you have for the renovation. This step takes one to two weeks, depending on the size or complexity of your project.

The Installation Comprises the Bulk of Home Remodeling Projects

The installation or construction of your renovation comprises most of the time-consuming part of your project. Simple home remodeling projects that won’t require rewiring your electrical system or altering your plumbing can be completed in 6 to 12 weeks. Think of this as a superficial change that will just change the look of the room.

However, a more complex renovation will take considerably longer. A kitchen renovation that involves changing the lighting, adding storage space, or moving the position of large appliances will take longer. An average estimate for this type of remodeling project is 3 to 5 months.

One reason that a more complex renovation takes considerably longer is that the contractor will have to coordinate their work with the tasks of electricians and plumbers. Additionally, there are still supply chain issues related to current events. Depending on the types of materials you’re using, there may be a delay in getting all of your supplies.

How You Can Shorten Your Remodeling Timeline

There aren’t many things you can do to help your contractor complete your project sooner. However, there are a few things you can change to shorten the time it takes to complete your renovation. For example, talk with your supplier about the items they have in stock. Choosing in-house items can save you on shipping costs and delivery timing.

You can also plan to do the little things yourselves. Let your contractor know if you plan on buying any materials or hardware out-of-pocket. You can find great deals on antique or second-hand items, and you won’t have to wait for those items to be delivered. Ask your contractor about more ways to save time on your project.

Knowing where to get your building materials and supplies can help you reduce the time involved in completing your renovation. Friel Lumber can provide you with everything you need. Our new Easton, Maryland, kitchen and bath showroom can help you plan a great remodeling project. Visit us today!

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