Popular Holiday Kitchen Decor Ideas and Inspiration

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and for holiday buffs, that means it’s time to start the decorating process. Sure, putting up the Christmas tree and placing the Menorah may be part of the yearly tradition. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the standard living room decorations. Instead, why not bring the warmth of the season into every room of the house. Take your kitchen from standard to exemplary with 4 fantastic holiday kitchen decor ideas!

1. Monogrammed Frames

Gather old picture frames, tree ornaments, red paint, and ribbon to create a special monogrammed hanging decoration. Image Source: Revista

Do you have plenty of cabinet space for storing all your kitchen goods? While all the extra storage space is lovely, it can lead to limited options for holiday decor. Instead of limiting yourself to items that you place on shelves or counters, why not hang something beautiful from your cabinets? Take an old picture frame and spice it up with some holiday flare. You can also create a custom frame out of a few pieces of decorative molding if you are feeling extra creative.

To start, simply remove the glass and backing of the frame and paint the wood your desired color. Then, use some glue to add your family’s initials, some ribbon, and other holiday goodies to the piece! Once it’s complete, hang it on the front of your cabinet for all your loved ones to admire.

2. Christmas Kitchen Pot Rack

If you don’t have enough storage space for your pots and pans, why not consider adding a decorative pot rack into your space this holiday season? The good news is that it’s simple to make! A few pieces of lumber are all it takes. Once you’ve got it built, hang it up over your kitchen island or above the sink for easy storage.

To give your piece a little Christmas flare, consider painting it white, silver, or gold and hang some copper pans to give it that rustic holiday feel.

3. Holiday Centerpieces for Your Kitchen Island

Or, make your own natural-looking holiday table centerpiece with a handful of pinecones, wooden pieces, candles, and moss. Image Source: DH Ideas 

Keep your holiday kitchen decor simple with a beautiful holiday centerpiece for your island or countertop. Simply take an old tray, dish, or make your own DIY planter box and place some of your favorite holiday items inside for all to admire. Adding some small evergreen trees adorned with tree trimmings is one way to go. Alternatively, you can also display a beautiful Menorah. Finally, place it on the tray or in the box for easy moving and admire it all season long!

4. Dishware Rack

Have some festive dishware that you can’t wait to show off? Then, why not consider building a small shelving unit to store all your holiday favorites? This simple DIY dishware rack is perfect for any space because it can be used year-round for displaying your favorite pieces! There are a few ways you can add a little extra flair during the holidays. Why not consider adorning it with some Christmas lights and holiday garland?

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