Get Inspired by These Amazing Built In Ideas for Your Home

It doesn’t matter whether you wish to transform a small space with limited storage or add a unique flair to a room in your home. There are hundreds of amazing built-in ideas to help make your vision a reality. Better yet, built-ins add value and quality to your home and help to increase storage without adding extra clutter. Additions are also excellent if you have limited floor space, as they can be built into existing closet spaces.

Built-in Ideas to Inspire Your DIY Side

The first step in any project is choosing whether to hire a skilled contractor or give it the old DIY try. Whatever you decide, just know you’ll be left with a fun, functional piece of art when it’s all said and done. That being said, built-in ideas come in dozens of different shapes and sizes, making them ideal for nearly any space in your home. Here are a few inspirational ideas to consider for each room:


Create a stunning focal piece in the living room with a custom built-in bookcase. Image Source: Four Generations One Roof

Kitchens are always a fun place to start! Of course, everyone could use more storage space in the busiest area of the home. So, instead of adding bulky cabinetry to the space, consider taking an available wall or an empty corner space and creating a stunning built-in with shelves. This will ensure that your most essential items are showcased and within arm’s reach, from cook books and serving-ware to fun decor and more. Or, reinvigorate your space with a new breakfast bar nook with a desk and extra cabinet space. 

Living Room

When it comes to built-in ideas for the home, the living room tends to rank high on the priority list. Instead of adding shelving cabinets to your space, pick a wall and transform it into an accent wall. For instance, get creative and play with shapes to create a bookcase that surrounds the television wall.

Overall, adding in a full-length built-in unit will open up your living area, as well as add character and charm. Not to mention, you will gain plenty of storage that’s out of the way, yet creates a stunning focal piece for the room.


Free up the hallway and make the most out of your limited space with a functional stairway addition. Image Source: Decor Pad

Built-in ideas for stairways are becoming more popular, especially for homes that lack floor space for a storage unit. What makes these built-ins so unique? They are specially designed and customized for your own individual space. Moreover, they can include shelves, pull-out units, drawers, and cabinetry to help you make the most of your limited space. No more shoes and coats in the hallway!


While there are plenty of beautiful built-in ideas for office spaces, homeowners rarely include these ideas into the bedroom area. Here’s the thing, the same wall or corner built-in units that you’d include in an office space can be equally as functional in a bedroom.

Have a small bedroom or office? Consider removing the limited closet space, including the doors, and expanding it to create a full-wall built-in unit to hide your everyday items.


Have a rather small or clunky toiletry closet in your bathroom? Make the most of a tricky situation. Simply remove the doors off of the unit to create a unique build-in that opens up the small space. You can also add more shelves to help organize items and increase storage capacity.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

With all these exciting built-in ideas at your disposal, there’s nothing stopping you from starting the next project. This is even truer if you have decided to go the DIY route instead of working with a contractor. However, if you do choose a DIY project, make sure you have your materials lined up before starting any deconstruction.

Visit your local material store, like Friel Lumber Company, and start checking off every item on your list. That means lumber, building materials, hardware, and any other odds and ends you may need to get the job done. Remember, planning ahead will save you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

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