4 Tips for Organizing Small Spaces

The trick for dealing with small spaces is organization. A good organization system prevents any room from looking cluttered or feeling cramped. Placement and organization makes a space feel bigger, more open and more inviting. If you need help organizing small spaces, like a kitchen or bathroom, use these tips for inspiration.

1. Use the walls.

Stacked shelves give you the storage you need without taking up floor space.

There’s a limited amount of floor space in every room. That’s why adding bulky storage units or other furniture pieces to a small space can be tricky. You still need to be able to walk around to have access to everything in the room. Plus, too much furniture can easily make a room look cluttered and even detract from its function.

The solution? Use the walls. In a small room, like a bathroom, shelving and wall cabinets are your best friends. They keep the space open while still providing valuable storage. Install stacked shelves for toiletries and towels. You can even install a cabinet above the toilet with doors to keep everything concealed from guests.

2. Look for clever ways to store appliances.

Appliances tend to be a big nuisance in small kitchens. Not only are many appliances large, but they’re often oddly shaped, making it difficult to store them. However, it’s important to keep them off the countertops, so you have room to work.

An over-the-range microwave is a great solution for organizing small spaces. Installing kitchen cabinets big enough to accommodate a KitchenAid or other appliance is also helpful. If you have a pantry or have space to add one, use that for appliances. Just make sure the pantry shelves are wide and tall enough to fit things like blenders and toasters. If you don’t have a pantry, consider installing an appliance garage on the counter. This can help you stay organized while maintaining a clean, streamlined look.

3. Use bins and hooks to organize loose items.

For kitchens with limited cabinet space, hooks and racks can aid in maximizing storage for larger items.

Bathroom products, though small, can take up a lot of space. Consolidate them into a storage bin, and then tuck them away into a closet or cabinet. In bathrooms where the only storage space is the cabinet under the sink, this will especially come in handy. Most of those cabinets don’t have shelves, so bins can help maximize storage.

This tip also applies to other rooms. In a kitchen, for example, you can hang pots and pans from an overhead rack. You can also use Lazy Susans to organize spices, cooking oils and baking powders. In a living room or closet, racks and bins are also great for DVDs, CDs, board games and more.

4. Install new cabinets with built-in features.

Cabinets are everything, particularly to a small kitchen. If there aren’t enough cabinets or they’re too small, redo them. Aim for large, deep cabinets and drawers in varying sizes. Installing new ones also gives you a chance to select your custom built-in features. Some cabinet features you might want to add include:

  • A pull-out for the garbage and recycling bins
  • Use roll-out drawers with vertical dividers to organize pans, trays and cookie sheets
  • A narrow pull-out drawer for spices and/or things like foil and baggies

With these tips, hopefully, you can maximize storage and enjoy each room to the fullest. For custom kitchen and bathroom designs, get in touch with Friel Lumber. We can help find solutions for organizing small spaces. So, whether you’re looking for designs or need lumber for your next project, contact us today.

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