Your Guide to Colored Grout

Feeling uninspired by the walls and floors in your home? Many people don’t realize just how much these elements impact the look and feel of a room. Change them, and you can completely transform the space. So, if you’re thinking about updating your kitchen or bathroom, the tiles are a great place to start. And we have just the thing: colored grout.

What is Colored Grout?

Grout is the stuff used to fill in the gaps between the wall and floor tiles. It’s normally made from a cement-based mixture. It helps secure the tiles in place and keep moisture away from the joints. If grout is not properly applied, the tiles can fall off the wall.

Grout comes in a range of colors. However, most standard grout appears in varying shades of taupe, tan, brown or white. The color is usually selected to blend in with the color of the tiles. For example, white tiles might have white or light gray grout. Tan shower tiles might have matching tan grout.

But recently, homeowners have been having a little more fun with their grout. Whereas grout was traditionally designed to blend in and complement the tiles, now there’s grout that is specifically designed to stand out.

Complete Spectrum of Colors

Colored grout is a rapidly growing trend. It’s been used to style walls, floors, showers, backsplashes, and fireplaces. Suddenly, this gritty paste is now an exciting accessory. You can still find the basic colors, of course, but there’s a surprising amount of bold options available, too.  There’s everything from vibrant blues, reds, oranges, and purples to pastel greens and pinks. Dark-colored grout is also becoming more popular, with shades like dark blue and black.

You can also get glitter grout in a variety of colors. When it comes to night sky-themed bathrooms and colorful, sparkly bathrooms, glitter grout is a game changer. The shimmery appearance can add a lot of interest to an otherwise dull space.

Styling Colored Grout

Colored grout is a great way to breathe new life into a home. It’s a relatively inexpensive and easy upgrade to make, but one that comes with great reward. Plus, grout doesn’t last forever. It will eventually crack and start to look worn and outdated. So, if you have to change it anyway, you might as well have fun with it.

Many people like to select a grout color that contrasts with their tiles to really make the room pop. For example, black grout looks great against bright white subway tiles. Similarly, a white grout stands out beautifully when paired with navy-blue tiles. Bright colors, like orange or turquoise, can especially add personality and character to the space.

Should You Use Colored Grout?

There are so many different tile and grout combinations. If you’re open to using colored grout, the possibilities are virtually endless. If you’re not ready to try something like red or purple, simply play around with contrasting colors.

For more inspiration, talk to the kitchen and bathroom design experts at Friel Lumber Company. We’ve helped homeowners all over the Chester, MD area make their dream room a reality. To request a quote, call (410) 827-8811 or submit our online form and we’ll get back to you.

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