Kitchen Cabinet Styles – What Is The Best Look For Your Kitchen?

There are a lot of kitchen cabinet styles. And when we talk about cabinets, it is really the door style or face-frame we are talking about. While you can get the entire cabinet made out of various materials, for this article we want to focus on the design. Unlike books, we are going to be judging the cover. Since there are so many kitchen cabinet styles, we want to make it easier. Here is a break down of the most common types and which kitchens they work best with.

Traditional Cabinets

A great example of traditional bottom cabinets and glass top cabinets. Mixed colors and textures give this both character and a sophisticated vibe.

These cabinets feature more ornamentation than other cabinetry. You can also get them with arches or in a cathedral style. Traditional cabinets add a lot of character and detail that lends itself to a sophisticated feel. It also adds a cozy, old-world look to your home. It is for this reason, we recommend looking at the overall home aesthetic when deciding on this type of cabinetry.

Even though considered traditional, it still is very versatile. If you are going for rustic, old-world, this is a great cabinet front. Yet, you can still achieve a very elegant, luxurious feel as well. Mixed well with appropriate handles, you can accomplish either intention. Pick this design if you have an older home that has a lot of character. It’s great for both small and big kitchens too. It can also give a home an eclectic style by combining traditional cabinets with modern colors.

Shaker or Craftsman

The use of shaker cabinets, made up of both rustic wood and modern white, really makes this kitchen pop.

Technically, these are two different styles although they are very similar. Traditionally, shaker is made of maple and craftsman (also called mission) is made of quarter-sawn oak. However, this has changed a bit over the years. Both are considered classic styles and making a big comeback with modern kitchens. And it’s no wonder, since their style resembles simplicity and minimalism.

We recommend this style if you want a timeless look. They are very popular for renovations because they are affordable and readily available. Pick this if you are looking for fewer decorative options. Also, a great choice if you are trying to sell your home as this has the perfect mixture of charm and simplicity.

Contemporary Cabinets

These cabinets come with a no-panel look. This includes a flat-panel with or without handles. For this style, it is all about modern, sleek lines. Many times, they come with very polished surfaces in neutral tones. However, they can be in wood veneers or bright colors. The overall kitchen design usually includes very bold but sparing embellishments.

We love this marriage of contemporary cabinets and open shelving. Also, the bold blue cabinets are fun and unique.

Contemporary cabinets work well in small kitchens and tight spaces. It doesn’t add lots of visual detail, so it allows the space to look larger. Not to say this doesn’t work great in large kitchens as well. We will also mention, these are typically easy to clean (great for little hands and a kid-friendly home).

Glass and/or Open Shelving

Both of these looks are about opening up the line of sight. Glass doors still give you the protection of a door but adds some elegance. No- door or open shelving is a great option to display items. Either can be incorporated with any other door styles. Glass cabinets are commonly incorporated with traditional or craftsman cabinets. You will find that open shelving is more common with shaker and contemporary cabinets.

We recommend considering this for any kitchen design. There is also a new trend where open shelving acts as a replacement of all top cabinets. While very Pinterest-worthy, it might not be the most practical for your kitchen. Our advice is to save that look for kitchens that have plenty of additional storage space.

So, What’s the Right Choice?

Actually there is no right choice, just the one you love. More times than not, a combination of these work the best. See from the example images above, mixing cabinet styles, colors, and textures are what makes a kitchen beautiful. But, don’t forget it has to be functional too. Our Kitchen & Bath Design Center is specifically set up to help you visualize what these different styles will look like. We also help out with complete renovations and overall kitchen layout. While we don’t do the construction ourselves, we can recommend contractors or work with your contractor. Contact us today!


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