Is Forbes Right About These Kitchen Design Predictions?

When it comes to interior design — and particularly costly kitchens that have the potential to show the greatest return on investment — many homeowners are torn. Should they follow trending kitchen design predictions, choose elements that offer mass appeal, or go with their gut and put personal tastes on full display?

A balance of these methods can produce livable and lasting results, but you’ll need to have your finger on the pulse of what’s trending to begin. Here’s a breakdown of the Forbes 2023 design forecast stating what’s on the way out, along with perspective from designers in the trenches.

The Kitchen Design Predictions We Agree With & Don’t

These are the Forbes kitchen design trends that are going bye-bye. We agree with some, but not all. Read on to learn why our design team might see it differently.

All-White Kitchens

We agree! There’s something attractive about a pristine kitchen space in pure white, but monochrome can feel pretty boring and sterile. It’s neither particularly warm nor welcoming, which is why more homeowners are adding wooden elements and earth tones for variety.

Open Kitchens

Open kitchens address a modern problem — disconnectedness. Parents want a direct line of sight to kids while they cook, and chefs don’t want to feel isolated while everyone else socializes in another room. It’s unlikely we will see this trend go away anytime soon.

Matte Black Hardware

Black accents are a great way to add contrast to white kitchens or support a dark, monochrome look. With that being said, matte black elements have proven difficult to clean. While options that entail less maintenance are on the rise, we don’t think the whole black hardware is completely out of trend yet.

Upper Cabinetry

As kitchen design predictions go, doing away with closed uppers completely is pretty unlikely for practical reasons. Many people don’t want to display the chaos of mismatched dishware or engage in endless dusting. A hybrid of open shelving and closed cabinets is far more likely.

Faux Finishes

Faux finishes will probably always be around in some capacity because they allow homeowners to upgrade on a budget. However, those who prize quality and longevity will always pay a bit more for the real deal. It just depends on how you want to invest your money.

Herringbone Backsplashes

This classic pattern, which is often applied to backsplashes and flooring, isn’t going anywhere. Believe it or not, it dates back to ancient Rome, and while it might go through phases of trendiness, it always comes back around.

Carrera Marble

The popularity of luminous marble is practically a given in design throughout history, but different varieties trend at different times. Whether soft, soothing Carrera remains in high demand or falls out of fashion is anyone’s guess, but marble, on the whole, is here to stay.

Appliances Over the Range

We agree! In small kitchens, having a microwave and hood vent in one makes sense, but with large, open spaces dominating design trends, moving the microwave to the counter or a nook on the island makes more sense. It’s easier to reach, and it really opens the range area.

Contemporary Aesthetics

Neutral kitchens aren’t likely to disappear. There’s just no denying they offer mainstream appeal when selling a home. Additionally, contemporary hallmarks like appliance cabinets create a pleasing and cohesive aesthetic. However, personalization through design is on the rise, so look for a marriage of classic and trending styles.

Farmhouse Style Kitchens

It’s not likely the farmhouse style is going anywhere. The traditional pairing of warm wood with features like open shelving and apron sinks has been around for a while. As the popularity of the style waxes and wanes, however, homeowners may elect to tone down the overall aesthetic.

Tile Backsplashes

It’s true that some homeowners aren’t crazy about builder-grade tile, but that doesn’t mean kitchen design predictions about the death of tile backsplashes bear any truth. Tile is an incredibly versatile and enduring material. It’s durable, cost-effective, and available in a range of colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, and features.

Cold, Ultra-Modern Designs

The cool grays and minimalist designs of the last decade are giving way to warmer neutrals and a return to traditional styles — and even maximalism, in some cases. Still, simplicity is always a timeless choice, so sleek aesthetics should remain popular.

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