10 Fun Features to Include in Your Next Home Design Project

Looking for an element of surprise in your next home design project? We created a list of 10 fun features to include in your next home design project. It’s not just the wow factor we are after but also the additional functionality that can add to the house’s value.

1. Innovative Technology

We all have active, busy lifestyles. Innovative technology home design can help with that, adding convenience and security options to your home. Some home automation you might want to incorporate:

  • Doorbell cameras, security alarms, and smart door locks.
  • Automation systems for thermostat programming and remote window shades.
  • Smart appliances, lighting, built-in speakers, and USB plugs.

2. Smart Bathroom Toilet

Speaking of technology, consider a smart toilet. It’s remote-controlled and includes features like an automatic flush, a heated seat, and robotic toilet cleaners. Some come with built-in bidets and Bluetooth speakers! In addition, smart toilets have water-saving and energy-consumption features that save you on utility bills.

3. Custom Built-in Shelves

Everything can be made better with custom built-in shelves, no matter what room you remodel. A custom design helps ensure it fits your room’s style while maximizing storage. It’s a great way to keep the clutter at bay and increase the visual appeal of any room.

4. Ultimate Mudroom/Entryway

Let’s say no to the small coat closet. It’s giving catch-all and where-things-get-lost. Instead of your standard entryway, incorporate a separate mudroom. We recommend a functional cubby design for shoes, sports equipment, and coat hooks. Even adding overflow cabinetry that gives additional storage for cleaning products and other needs.

5. Additional Outdoor Living

Outdoor living space in Maryland is a must-have. A lot of us enjoy outdoor living with indoor comforts. Depending on how you like to use the outdoors, consider the following:

  • Cabinets, pizza ovens, prep station, grills, and fully stocked bar area.
  • Lounge sets, outdoor TVs’, and a projector for movie night.
  • Dining room set-ups, outdoor fire pit, decks, and screened porch for all seasons.

6. Relocate the Laundry Room

Many homeowners are relocating their laundry rooms close to the main bedrooms, and we understand the charm. It’s convenient. And with a range of energy and space-saving laundry machines, you could also consider having one in the primary bedroom.

You can choose from cabinet designs, cloth line options, and other design elements. According to a 2021 National Association of Home Builders survey, 87% of homeowners agree that a dedicated laundry room makes a property more attractive.

7. Heated Flooring

You will never see this feature, but you will love to feel it! Who likes stepping out of the shower and stepping on that chilly floor? Not us. Heated floors are perfect but not just for bathrooms. You can also consider warming your kitchen floors as you make dinner. Or add them to your screened-in porch as you enjoy a good book.

8. Pet-Friendly Elements

And what about our fur babies? Incorporating pet-friendly design elements can include several features:

  • Small areas or under stair hideouts with beds, toys, and more.
  • Built-in cabinets for food dishes and litter boxes.
  • Doggie doors and/or interior cat doors to rooms, garage, etc.

9. Central Vacuum Systems

Funny enough, having a central vacuum system isn’t a new concept. Even though this dates to the 1850s, it’s making a big comeback. Why lug that vacuum cleaner all over the house? Use a simple hose on each house level that connects to an outlet in each room. Or sweep dirt into a vacuum port.

The debris is pulled through hidden pipes and ends in a central collection container in the basement or utility room. Central vacuum systems come with an array of parts like bare floor attachments, dusting brushes, and pet grooming attachments.

10. Hidden Doors & Rooms

We might be adults, but why should that keep us from having fun with our home design? The idea of secret rooms or nooks is a great way to add intrigue to your home. You can create a quiet space within the home for all to enjoy. A library or relaxed reading room, a movie theater, a playroom, or a fully stocked speakeasy bar are all perfect hidden room ideas. Your imagination is the limit.

Want to Start a Custom Home Design Project?

At Friel Kitchen & Bath Design, we can help you design and incorporate any of these fun features and home design projects. So, whatever you dream up for your next home design project, we can create it. And don’t let our name fool you; we do way more than just kitchens and bathrooms. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to see recent projects.

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