How to Make Your Master Bath a Relaxing Retreat

Are you tired of your old, cramped, or uninspired master bathroom? You’re not alone. In 2021, a third of homeowners who renovated this space said they could no longer stand their old bathroom. So have you considered turning your master bath into a relaxing retreat you’ll never want to leave? Keep reading to find out how!

Choose a Color Scheme

Not all of us have a huge master bathroom to work with, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less luxurious. Clean lines and a light color scheme can make it feel bigger and airy.

A fresh coat of paint can liven up your space and play a significant role in the room’s overall mood. For example, crisp, all-white walls can make a bathroom feel cleaner and more relaxing. However, don’t consider skipping color altogether. If white is too sterile-looking, try some deep blues or greens to set a soothing tone.

Repainting is relatively inexpensive and can be done in just a few hours. Painting can be enhanced by carrying the color scheme over to the millwork. If the counter and cabinets complement the walls, the entire bathroom will feel more cohesive and intentional.

Upgrade Your Bathtub

What better way to relax than a warm bubble bath? If your bathtub is cramped or outdated, it may be time to upgrade. Instead of simply making your tub bigger, take relaxation to the next level with a sunken in-ground tub or a modern, oversized soaking tub.

Your plumbing or home’s layout may limit your options. Talking to a professional can help you find answers to your home-specific questions. If you don’t have a bathtub (or the budget for a new one), invest in a new high-quality showerhead. This can be a quick and cheap way to make your shower feel like new.

Add Shelving

Shelving is an ideal way to get rid of clutter on countertops and give you more open space. Shelves are also a great place to add accent pieces and personalization to your bathroom. However, since there are water lines in some bathroom walls, always call a professional to install shelving so you avoid costly mistakes.

Dim the Lights

Having mood lighting can set the tone for a bathroom. It’s easy on the eyes for late night and early mornings too.

People often forget about the role that lighting plays in their mood. If your bathroom has harsh, bright lights, relaxing isn’t easy. Dimmable lights will help your body and mind relax and allow the stress from your day to melt away. Install a light dimmer in your bathroom to have complete control over the level of light in your bathroom.

It can be easy to think installing bulbs that are less bright would be the answer to harsh lighting. However, dimmable light fixtures are a better solution than simply changing bulbs because there may be times when you might want the option of a brighter bathroom.

Enhance the Atmosphere with Details

Small details in a bathroom can go a long way toward creating the relaxing atmosphere you want. For example, adding a few pieces of artwork and an oil diffuser can make your master bath reminiscent of your favorite day spa. But don’t stop there! Invest in luxuriously soft bath towels and speakers to complete the spa-like experience in your home.

Mixing and matching natural materials with those that are more sleek and modern is another easy way to create a relaxing atmosphere. This can be as simple as adding a few plants in your master bath or using wooden soap dispensers. And, of course, don’t forget to clean your bathroom regularly. It’s the quickest and easiest way to give your bathroom a refresh and keep it feeling like a retreat.

Ready to Turn Your Master Bath into a Relaxing Space?

Designing a new master bath is not a project to undertake on your own. If you’ve never done it before, creating a cohesive and functional bathroom can be quite a challenge. So enlist the help of local professionals, like the team at Friel Kitchen & Bath Design. Contact us today to find out how to get started designing the master bath of your dreams.

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