High-Class Kitchen Countertops that Won’t Break the Bank

Complete kitchen remodels can be costly. In many cases, they take a long time to plan and even longer to complete! Sometimes changing just one thing is enough to revive your kitchen’s aesthetic, though, and the countertops are the perfect place to start. Countertops are a featured fixture in any kitchen, so changing them up can refresh your space and create an interesting focal point.

Kitchen countertops made from high-end materials like granite or quartz can cost up to $200 per square foot or more. At that price, replacing countertops in the average kitchen with 55 square feet of counter space would cost $11,000. For most people, that’s too much to spend. With this in mind, we’ve gathered some budget-friendly high-class kitchen countertop options for you to consider.

Many people think outdated with they think tiled countertops. However, using neutral and classic tiles can help elevate your kitchen instead of making it look old.

Tile Countertops

Tile countertops were common in the ’70s and ’80s but fell out of fashion as flashier materials became available. However, tile is making a comeback because it is inexpensive and extremely versatile.

Ceramic tile typically costs between $5 and $30 per square foot, making it one of the cheapest countertop options available. And since tile comes in every color and virtually any pattern or design, it goes with any style kitchen. In addition, tile countertops are relatively easy to install. If chipped or cracked tiles are a concern, you should know that it’s easy to replace individual ones as needed.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate is a timeless option for kitchen countertops. Since its invention, this material has been an affordable option for homeowners looking to refresh their counter space without breaking the bank. Generally, good-quality laminate will only cost you about $10 to $40 per square foot.

Despite its reputation for having a cheap appearance, laminate has come a long way in recent years. Now, this product can mimic the look of high-end and exotic materials like marble, wood, and even ice, making it the perfect finishing touch for any kitchen triangle.

Today you don’t need to spend mega money on getting a natural stone look. It’s affordable and still gives that luxury style.

Solid Surface

Often referred to generically as Corian, solid surface countertops are made from a mixture of mineral dust, pigments, and resin. Because of their similar appearance to natural stone, they gained popularity as an affordable option over the years. There are dozens of patterns and colors available for solid surface countertops. On average, solid surface countertops cost between $30 and $80 per square foot.

Many homeowners choose solid surface countertops because they don’t require much maintenance. You won’t need to do regular sealing or special cleaning like you would with natural stone. The only disadvantage to solid surface countertops is that they are susceptible to burns and scratches. However, scratches can easily be buffed out, leaving your counter looking good as new.

Butcher Block

If you want to create a warm and rustic atmosphere with your new kitchen countertops,  butcher block is the way to go. These counters are a lot of fun and can make cooking easier since they are the only countertop that can be used as a cutting board! Butcher block countertops are becoming extremely popular in homes. In fact, behind engineered quartz and granite, butcher blocks were the most used material for new kitchen countertops in 2020.

Butcher block countertops can add character to your kitchen, and they only cost $35 to $80 per square foot. As an added benefit, they are naturally antimicrobial. The downside is that the butcher block does require a little more care than other countertops since the wood must be maintained with regular oiling.

How Can I Find Affordable Kitchen Countertops Near Me?

If you’re ready to choose your new kitchen countertops, get some help from the pros at Friel Kitchen & Bath Design. We can help you find the perfect work surface for your kitchen at a price that fits your budget. To find out more, visit our showroom in Easton, MD., or give us a call!

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