Creating Storage Space in Small Bathrooms

Bathroom storage can be a challenge, especially in small ones. With a little creativity, you can find ways to add storage attractively without taking up too much room. 

One great option is to use cabinetry. There are many different types of cabinets available, so you can find one that fits your needs and style, or you can utilize our design team to craft one with a custom-fit.

  • Towel cabinets allow you to keep towels organized and off the floor. Cabinets with open or glass shelves can provide easy accessibility or add more color with rolled towels on display. They can be installed above the toilet, on the wall next to the sink, or even under the sink.
  • Linen cabinets can be installed or freestanding, come in slender widths to fill any nook, and are a great way to store extra sheets, blankets and washcloths. Linen cabinets can be installed in a closet or under the stairs, or can be kept outside of the bathroom at the entrance to make even more space.
  • Medicine cabinets can be quite beautiful or mirrored, and can hold a deceivingly large amount of first-aid supplies, makeup, and other small items, in addition to ointments and medications. They are typically installed above the sink, but any available wall space is suitable. 
  • Corner cabinets are a great way to use space that would otherwise be wasted. They can provide floor to ceiling storage attractively with both closed and open compartments.
  • Under-sink cabinets or vanities are the ideal place to store cleaning supplies and other bulky items, but can also be open-shelved units to hold baskets and folded linens. Consider using vanity lighting to increase visual space.

In addition to cabinets, there are other ways to add storage to your bathroom. Here are a few ideas:

  • Shelving is perhaps one of the most versatile storage options, as it can be installed on the walls, floating above the tub or toilet, and even on the back of the door or above it! There are a variety of materials for shelving, from glass to distressed wood, and all types can be sealed to resist moisture.
  • Baskets store small items attractively, such as jewelry, hair accessories, and makeup. Baskets can be housed on shelves, in cabinets, or even on the floor.
  • Hooks are an often underutilized tool to hang towels, washcloths, and other items like brushes or robes. They come in a variety of rust-resistant finishes and can hold a significant amount of weight. Hooks can be installed on the walls, on the back of doors, or even on the inside of a cabinet.
  • Racks are a great way to store towels, bath mats, and other items. Most commonly they are stainless steel or wooden, but can also be used as colorful, space-saving accents. Racks can be installed on the walls, above the toilet, or even on the floor.

Here are some additional tips for creating workable storage in your bathroom:

  • Consider using a lazy susan or tiered storage tower to make your cleaning supplies or makeup and lotions more accessible.
  • Try a free-standing, narrow toilet paper rack or stand.
  • Fitting a fabric skirt around your sink can inexpensively disguise storage baskets, other containers or extra toilet paper.
  • Use towel bars, freestanding hanging racks, or storage ladders to free space.
  • Install the biggest vanity possible to provide maximum drawer space, hiding essentials.
  • Utilize cabinet doors for additional hooks and slender storage baskets.
  • Consider installing a full-length mirror on the wall to double as an opening shelf, similar to a large, wooden medicine cabinet.
  • Using clear containers makes it easier to see what’s inside, so you can find what you need quickly.
  • Use dividers in your bathroom drawers to make spaces less cluttered and items more accessible.
  • Hurdling the tub with a tray provides unexpected space for bath essentials as well as candles and brushes in a pretty way.
  • Display disposable goods like cotton swabs or balls in glass jars on top of cabinets or on the vanity.
  • Label your storage baskets and containers to help you keep track of what’s inside and where it goes.
  • Reduce and prioritize what needs to be kept in the bathroom, and utilize space outside of the bathroom for extra paper goods and linens.
  • Keep it organized. Take some time each week to declutter and organize your bathroom. Neatness and clean surfaces enhance the illusion of space and provide peace.

With a little ingenuity, and perhaps some design help, you can find ways to add storage to your bathroom attractively without taking up too much room.

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