Which Bathtub Style Is Perfect for Your Bathroom?

While showers are certainly quick and convenient, they lack some of the benefits of tubs. A good soak could help you sleep and soothe aching muscles regardless of bathtub style. Adding a tub to your en suite layout can elevate bathroom style and home value. The trick is choosing the right tub for your bathroom and your needs. You might be surprised to discover there are many options to consider when installing or upgrading your tub. Here are a few bathtub solutions that could work perfectly for your bathroom remodel.

Freestanding Soaker Tub

It’s hard to deny the appeal of a freestanding tub. It adds luxury to any bathroom style if you have room to accommodate it. A clawfoot tub adds timeless style to a traditional home, while a flat-bottom model offers a more modern, minimalist appeal. If you like to sit up and have your back supported while you soak, you might choose an asymmetrical tub. This means one side is higher than the other.  Or you could go with a double slipper tub with both ends raised. Double slippers provide a more classic, symmetrical design.

Just because it isn’t a stand-alone tub doesn’t mean it can’t look luxurious. More modern features help to elevate the design and give a more relaxing vibe throughout the space.

Bath/Shower Combo

If you have a small or moderately sized bathroom and need a shower for everyday use, the most logical bathtub style is a combination shower and bath. This built-in configuration is compact and typically fits into a space five to six feet in length. This style might not leave a ton of leg room, especially if you’re tall, but there are deep tubs that can help to ensure a good soak.

Corner Bathtub

A triangle-shaped corner tub is one option for homes with a lot of space to work within the primary en suite. Too much dead space in a bathroom can make it feel cavernous and cold, but when this large bathtub style is situated in a corner between a spacious walk-in shower and an expansive vanity area, it takes up quite a bit of room. It’s also an excellent addition for couples who enjoy a relaxing and romantic soak together.

You often see corner tubs also have air jet features. But they don’t have to go hand in hand. There are corner/shower tub combos and many other features that can be combined.

Jetted Air Tub

There are few better ways to relax, ease tension, and soothe aching muscles than with a jetted tub that massages your body while you soak. It’s essential to understand whether you’re getting a Jacuzzi style, which shoots heated water from jets, or an air tub, which propels air through jets to circulate the water already in your tub.

Jacuzzi styles have a powerful jet system, while air jets are gentler. Before choosing a jetted tub, note that soaps, shampoos, oils, and bubbles are not recommended for use in the bath, as they can foul jets and cause them to clog. However, if you care for a jetted tub right, it can provide an elevated soaking experience and contribute to a spa-like bathroom style.

Walk-In Tub

Mobility can be an issue for many homeowners due to age, disability, or other factors. In this case, you may be looking for a range of solutions suitable for a senior-friendly bathroom. For example, zero-entry showers offer curbless function, but if you have your heart set on a tub, a walk-in model with a seat may be your best option.

Ready to Remodel Your Bathtub Style?

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