Trendy Kitchen Backsplashes

Wood can add a great contrast to a modern clean kitchen. White cabinets and countertops help make it pop!

Many homeowners today are opting for contemporary kitchens with creative backsplashes. This one portion of the kitchen can easily transform the look of the room through the use of color, unique design patterns, and atypical materials. After all, you are probably spending a good amount of time and money to update your kitchen, so why design one that is standard and unsophisticated? Instead, transform your kitchen into something you love. And, to make things easy for you, we have formulated a list of our favorite trendy kitchen backsplashes.

1. Reclaimed Wood

As of late, the vintage, salvaged look is a hot trend in home decor. A reclaimed wood backsplash adds color, texture, and a rustic look to any kitchen. Some homeowners opt to recycle old wood from fences, barn wood, or hardwood floors. It can also add a bit of history to your home. Some homeowners have used original hardwood from the home itself or from a historic farm in the area. A few things to consider first is what your cabinets will be. Wood on wood can look heavy. Reclaimed wood backsplashes look best with white or painted cabinets to help really make the backsplash stand out.

Stone can offer a beautiful and elegant texture to your kitchen. Source:

2. Gunmetal

Gunmetal material used as a kitchen backsplash offers a shiny, rich, mirrored appearance. The material also enhances the look of stainless steel appliances and adds a masculine characteristic to your kitchen. Furthermore, metal is an easily maintained surface that only needs to be wiped clean occasionally with a damp rag.

3. Tin

Using tin for your backsplash can bring a retro, traditional element to modern kitchens. Tin is an aesthetically pleasing material, and installation is a breeze. And, if you are on a limited budget, many manufacturers offer affordable faux tin options. A tin backsplash can cost as little as $3 per square foot, based on your color preferences.

4. Stone

You may ordinarily see stone blocks used on fireplaces, but they also work well as a kitchen backsplash. Stone blocks are pleasing to the eye because of the clean lines and can add a harmonious effect to your kitchen. The only downside is that some stone blocks readily absorb dirt and dust and they can be hard to clean.

5. Wooden Crate Tops

This design is perfect for the wine lovers! After buying a case of wine, just save and stash your crate tops for a few months. In no time you will be able to use them to create a wonderfully unique backsplash. But beware, most wooden crates are unstained and unsealed, so whatever comes in contact with them is likely to cause some damage. Use this backsplash in a spot where it won’t touch a lot of water or liquid.

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