Top 6 Design Projects That Aren’t Kitchens or Bathrooms

While it is in our name, it isn’t all we do! Sure, kitchen and bath design is what we specialize in. However, we have helped our clients with plenty of other design projects over the years. So here are six additional projects we can assist you with in your home.

1. Living Room Design

The living room is often the central gathering place in a home. Therefore, redesigning this space will significantly impact the overall feel of the house. When we’ve often helped clients with an open-concept kitchen, it’s common to incorporate the living room.

With this, you blend the space, so we pay particular attention to storage and lighting. We’ve helped on the in-between spaces, like hutches, wine bars, etc. And we have also gone all the way into the living room with built-in entertainment centers. This allows for continuity between these areas of the home.

2. Custom Home Office

While we have seen an uptick in people working from home, we’ve helped homeowners customize their home offices for years. However, creating a functional and comfortable home office is more essential than ever.

If there is anything a home office can’t have enough of is storage. So we have helped clients design a space that has just that with custom built-in bookshelves, cabinets, and desks. And in many cases, offices are multi-functional spaces. So some have had Murphy beds or other customizations that allow for muti-use.

3. Bedroom Storage

While we do a lot of ensuites, some designs follow into the bedroom itself. This can include storage between the bathroom and sleeping spaces, built-in wardrobes, and more.

In addition, we can also help with rearranging the bedroom layout, especially if you are adding a larger or different size bathroom. This can mean changing window placement, doors, etc. Our team helps reorganize the space to create a better flow.

4. Outdoor Spaces

As we’ve spent more time at home, we see more people blending the indoor spaces with the outside. Extending the usable living space of a home can create an oasis for relaxation and entertainment. We can help with countertops for outdoor kitchens, any outdoor cabinetry, fixtures, and more.

We work with contractors and homeowners alike. However, if you want to take this on yourself, we also have a large lumber yard and hardware store to help you get all the necessary materials.

5. Any Storage Solutions

Many homes struggle with space, so incorporating new storage solutions can be a game-changer. Consider adding shelving, installing built-in cabinetry, or incorporating storage solutions that double as decorative elements, such as storage ottomans, bookcases, under-bed storage, baskets, and bins.

We’ve worked with many customers to address many storage needs in many places throughout their homes.

6. Finished Basement

Finishing a basement can add additional living space to a home, attracting potential buyers. Some homeowners have made small apartments with kitchenettes. Others have created extra entertainment spaces with bathrooms and bars.

The sky is the limit. We can help you decide on the best use of your space and incorporate all the elements you need.

We Can Help You With Your Design Projects

Kitchen and Bathroom are not the only way to increase the value of your home. So many other areas of the house can use a facelift. Luckily, kitchens and bathrooms are our only design projects. Our portfolio includes so much more!

How do you want to design a space? Stop by our design centers today, and we can show you project ideas for the rooms you have in mind. See for yourself or call us today.

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