Practical Windowless Bathroom Design Ideas to Bring More Light

There is countless Pinterest board showing stunning bathroom design ideas. But have you noticed many times they all have windows? The stunning natural light pouring in really does add to the luxury vibe of the room. However, that isn’t always how our houses are built. If you find yourself as a homeowner lacking natural light, don’t fret. Keep reading for some practical bathroom design ideas to help open up your windowless bathroom and make it a more relaxing space.

When it comes to brightening up a windowless bathroom, several current design trends, such as adding an accent wall or ditching the bathtub, can help you achieve this goal while giving your bathroom a modern feel. Below are some simple bathroom design tips that can help you avoid many common pitfalls plaguing windowless bathrooms.

Bright With the Color White

Using the color white predominantly in your color scheme is an easy way to create the illusion of light and brightness in an area. White is also known for promoting relaxation and creating a feeling of cleanliness. But don’t make the mistake of going full monochrome, or your bathroom could start feeling more like a clinical setting. A splash of color in an accent wall or a funky tile pattern can make the space feel more lively and even more open.

Layer the Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to windowless bathrooms, lighting can make a huge impact. Many people only have one layer of lighting in their bathroom, so it’s all or nothing when you flip the light switch. However, adding layered lighting not only brings in more light but helps with different tasks.

For example, bright, natural-looking task lighting is ideal for things like doing your makeup or hair. Whereas a dimmer ambient light level is great for relaxing showers or late-night trips to the bathroom. You can even add recessed shower lighting for a more spa-like feel. Creating multiple layers of lighting gives you the most control over how the room is lit at any given time.

Change Up Your Shower

If you have a tub or a shower with a curtain, consider making the change to a standing shower with a glass door. Having glass instead of a curtain can make your bathroom look and feel larger. The reflective glass creates a more open atmosphere than shower curtains that “close off” a large chunk of space. This can be an expensive undertaking, but the impact it can have is huge.

Create the Illusion of a Window

This one may sound a little silly, but many people choose to create the illusion of a window by simply hanging a bathroom window curtain in front of a cool-running light strip or wall sconce. Most people don’t actually open the window, so your guests will never be able to tell the difference.

You can also accomplish this by using mirrors in a window frame. Mirrors not only enhance the lighting in a room but also create the sensation that the room is brighter and more open. Ideally, you want to hang it where it will reflect the light.

Let Us Help You With Your Windowless Bathroom

This isn’t an exhaustive list of how to make a windowless bathroom design seem brighter. There are also space-saving suggestions, like a wall-mounted sink, that help gives the illusion of more space. Having more floor space helps. Also, consider reflective tile finishes. Looking for more ideas? We can help!

At Friel Kitchen & Bath Design, we can work with you to bring the bathroom of your dreams to life. Whether you want to give your bathroom a strikingly modern makeover or go for a retro feel, our expert design team will assist you every step of the way. Give us a call today to schedule your design consultation.

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