How to Pick Out the Best Hardware for Your Kitchen

When we talk about kitchen hardware, we are typically referring to the cabinet hardware. So, no matter if you are doing a complete remodel or just want to spruce it up; the hardware is key to your kitchen’s design. It is also typically the last thing you choose in your kitchen. So, how do you pick out the best hardware for your kitchen? Here are some great tips to get you going in the right direction.

Pick Out the Best Hardware

This kitchen design has the white, clean lines of a modern look. The hardware stays square and uniform to complete the composition.

Start this process after you have already chosen the other design aspects of your kitchen. If you are remodeling, you should know what type of cabinets, countertops, sinks/faucets, and appliances you will have. These all will help in deciding the hardware finish that works best with the rest of the design elements. Here are additional things to consider when picking out the best hardware for your kitchen:

Knobs vs. Pulls

We have talked about this topic before. However, it is something that bears repeating. There are no strict rules when choosing one option over the other. Typically the preference is to use knobs for all the doors and pulls for drawers. Pulls are traditionally more comfortable to open drawers. They allow you to grab with your whole hand and give more stability. Even so, recent trends show more people wanting uniformity in their kitchen design. Therefore, more pulls have replaced knobs on cabinet doors in past years. It gives a more contemporary look.

The main thing to consider is traditional vs. contemporary design. While trends show knobs aren’t as popular, that doesn’t mean they don’t look great. In particular, knobs are best with more elaborate detailing and moldings in the kitchen. They stand out less while the doors and other design aspects shine.


No matter what kind of hardware you choose, knob or pull, you should keep the color and finish consistent. While there are many different colors and finishes, here are some of the most popular:

This kitchen has a balance of clean lines but also has the earth tones. The mix between pulls and handles works well with the overall design.

  • Bright Brass – It is warm but not overly shiny. Brass has a great vintage appeal.
  • Satin Brass – More of a brushed gold look. It can give an exquisite feel with white cabinets.
  • Antique Brass – A rich brown color with gold tones. More ideal for traditional designs.
  • Bright Chrome – Trendy for contemporary or retro looks. Very durable to fading or scratches.
  • Satin Chrome – Gives a softer tone to the silver and has a subtle luster. Has a more brushed look.
  • Polished Nickel – Goes with just about any look and is a great complement to stainless steel appliances.
  • Satin Nickel – This has a look of brushed silver. It is versatile and flattering in most kitchens.
  • Distressed Nickel – Has a more textured, antique look. Great with rustic designs.
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze – Another great rustic look. A bit darker and gives more earth tones to the color palette.
  • Aged Bronze – With warm copper tones around the edges and the darker exterior, this look is both elegant and old world.
  • Matte Black – Striking and versatile in appearance. This can work with both traditional and contemporary designs.

This is by no means an exhausted list. There are still many different types of metals and finishes to choose. You can also find ones that incorporate more than one metal. If you need some inspiration, stop by our Kitchen and Bath Design Center to see different colors and finishes on cabinets.

Square or Curved

Beyond the color and type of hardware, there is the style. Hardware can have hard or soft lines. For this, look at your other design elements. What style are your cabinets? Does your countertop curve or have straight edges? Look at your lighting fixtures too. Are they more square or curved?

All these elements will help you see where your design aesthetic leans. You want to follow that when picking out the best hardware for your kitchen. For example, if you have a square, shaker style cabinet, you might want a flatter square look for your hardware. Typically shaker doors also have a flat panel look.

Types of Kitchen Design

You can always think outside the box when it comes to your kitchen. You can use vintage or even wardrobe handles in your design.

In the beginning, we said this is an essential aspect of choosing the best hardware. Your kitchen design will help form the look. So, if you haven’t already figured that out or are not sure, here are the types of styles you generally have:

  1. Traditional – With this design, you typically have elaborate detailing. There are embellishments and moldings throughout. Think decorative and ornate hardware.
  2. Contemporary – This design has sleek lines. Opposite of traditional, this has minimal embellishments. The hardware should be just as streamlined. It is also essential to match the other elements, so there is cohesiveness in the design.
  3. Transitional – Welcome to the in-between. This has both modern and traditional design elements. You’ll find more of a blend of textures found in classic design. However, the sleekness of contemporary design is still there. There are a variety of hardware looks that work with this design.
  4. Eclectic – Let’s just say, anything goes. If you have more of a relaxed kitchen style, you can get creative. Many people might think this just means chaos and color, but really it’s about choosing your flair. You can find hardware from antique to modern to fit this aesthetic. Learn more about eclectic design here.

No matter if you are just looking to update your hardware, or do a whole kitchen redesign, this should help! Hardware seems like such a small item in your kitchen. However, your choice can stand out or blend in. What do you want to do? Also, check this blog on the materials and functionality of the hardware. This is also helpful when choosing the best hardware for your kitchen.

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