How to Increase Your Kitchen Storage

Good news: you don’t have to remodel your kitchen to get more storage. It also doesn’t need to cost a lot of money either. Sometimes it just takes good ‘ol creativity and some great solutions. That is why we got together some of our favorite kitchen storage ideas. These vary from ingenious organization to amazing space-saving hardware.  So let’s get cooking on how to increase your kitchen storage.

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1. Stop Stacking

When it comes to pots and pans, more often than not, we stack them. This isn’t good for the pans, and it makes it hard to just grab one. You have to take the entire stack out just to get the one at the bottom. It’s annoying. Our favorite solution? Hanging them. While this isn’t a new idea, some of the ways you can do it are.

While you have the very common ways: hanging above the center island or above the kitchen sink, not everyone has the space for that.

We love the idea of hanging them in the cabinet. Not only does it make it easier to store, but easier to get out. Bonus? You don’t have to worry about scratching up your pots by stacking them. Easy and simple.

Not enough room in your cabinets? There are other ways, like making a rack for your countertop. Or if you still want to hang them, but don’t have the center island, try this DIY organizer. You can do one or feature them on the wall like functional art.

Source: Mandi Tremaynes’ blog, Tibbits from the Tremaynes

2. Measure Up

Save some draw space and instead use the inside of a cabinet door. Not only does this save space, but it looks really cool. While they have decals available to accomplish this look, we really love the DIY measuring cup organization from Tidbits and Tremaynes’ blog.

Something about the chalkboard look is really clean, and you can use a chalk pen to make the measurement equivalents. Here are the easy steps:

+ Remove the cabinet and wash. You’d be surprised how dirty they can get!

+ Outline the area you want to paint with painters tape. This is one time we want to stay inside the lines.

+ Roll on the chalkboard paint and let dry. The hardest part is waiting to write, but don’t rush it!

+ For hooks, you can use command hooks, decorative nails, or stripes like pictured. Get creative!

Now hand your measuring cups and spoons. It is also a great cheat sheet when baking. Hey, not everything can be committed to memory.

3. Use Empty Space

Are you using all the possible space in your kitchen? Apparently not if you don’t have these toe kick drawers. We also love using the space above the cabinets. If your cabinets don’t go all the way up, try making what looks like built-in cabinets above.

If you have a small kitchen, there are other ways to organize to use your maximum space. From using the walls to making sure everything has a place, there are great ways to use that empty space. Check out our other suggestion on small kitchen must-haves.

4. Optimize Underneath

While it’s common to use the under-sink area for chemicals and cleaning supplies, there are ways to make sure it’s not just a chaotic mess. Personally, the sink base cleaning caddy from Homecrest is one of our favorite cabinet interior additions.

Not only is it a great way to see everything under your sink, but you can remove it too! Take the cleaning supplies with you. That’s awesome. At Friel, we have many similar solutions across many different brands. Homecrest is just one of them. If you are looking to remodel, ask us about our cabinet solutions.

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5. Hidden Gems

Last, but not least, one of our favorite ways to save on space, is hiding things. Especially knives. check out this underneath the cabinet hidden knife organization. Not only does this keep them out of little hands that are big enough to open drawers, but they are out of the way.

You can also make them as big or small as you need. The knives stick with magnetic stripes. Once you are done, you just fold the rack back under the cabinet. Out of sight, out of mind!

If you are looking for innovative ways to use your cabinets, come down and talk to us at our Kitchen and Bath Design Center. We have helped many homeowners throughout Kent Island and Maryland redesign their kitchens to fit their needs. We can help you increase your kitchen storage or remodel your entire kitchen. Friel works hard to make sure we bring our customers the best quality products and a great price. Contact us today to learn more.


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