Dedicated Kitchen Beverage Bars That Are Fun & Practical

Dedicated kitchen beverage bars are meant for large kitchens with plenty of space, right? Not at all! There are plenty of beverage bar ideas out there suitable for kitchens of all shapes, sizes, and designs. The only thing limiting you is your creativity.

Some may argue that having dedicated kitchen beverage bars aren’t necessary for the home – but they can be useful when designed properly. Kitchen beverage stations are an excellent way to help you keep your kitchen neat and organized.

For instance, if you’re a big coffee or tea drinker, having a dedicated kitchen beverage bar can be great for placing your kettles, coffee pots, and mugs, as well as your tea storage containers and coffee canisters. Not only does it keep it out of the way of everyone else, but it helps to keep your space nice and organized for your morning or evening brew.

4 Beverage Bar Ideas to Consider for Your Kitchen

Not quite sold on the idea of a dedicated kitchen bar just yet? Then here are four kitchen beverage station ideas to help spark your creativity:

1. Coffee Bar

Do you simply need your morning cup of joe? Then you may want to consider creating your own little coffee bar in your kitchen. A dedicated coffee bar is an excellent way not only to store and organize your morning necessities but a fun and unique way to show off your favorite mugs and other coffee accessories.

Having a dedicated space is great for entertaining all year long.

2. Wine Bar

If you enjoy a nice bottle of wine or you hold regular get-togethers, then you may want to consider building a dedicated wine bar in your kitchen. These beverage stations are excellent for storing your unopened bottles of wine and your glasses. If you include a wine fridge in the setup, you can chill your bottles before the party or keep open ones to finish later.

3. Wet Bar

A dedicated wet bar typically refers to a beverage station that offers a variety of different drink options. It could include a coffee pot and some mugs for your morning brew, and then some wine spritzers in the fridge for an evening drink.

4. Juice Bar

Of course, you can’t forget about the kiddos. If you’re not a big coffee or tea drinker or don’t partake in cocktail hours, and you have plenty of kids running around at all hours, why not consider giving them their own dedicated beverage station?

Kids love having their independence, so why not put together a small station in your kitchen that caters to their favorite drinks? Instead of stocking your wet bar’s mini-fridge with cocktails and or sodas, consider stocking it with your kid’s favorite juices and some mini water bottles.

Get Help with Your Beverage Bars at the Friel Kitchen & Bath Design Center

Don’t think a beverage bar would suit your kitchen’s size or design? Think again! With so many different beverage bar options available, you’re sure to find something that fits your design aesthetic and functionality. Of course, the team at the Friel Kitchen & Bath Design Center is always here to help! Ready to get started creating fun and unique beverage bars? Then visit the Friel Kitchen & Bath Design Center for more information! We also do so much more than kitchens and baths!

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