Countertop Edge Options & What’s the Best for Your Style

While you might not go into remodeling thinking about countertop edge options, it is an important detail. After all, it is the portion you stand closest to and often interact with the most without even realizing it. Use your own personal experience as a guide. How often have you walked into someone’s kitchen and leaned against the counter? What did that feel like?

If you’re in the market for new countertops, you are likely seeking a selection that will correlate with the surrounding cabinetry and overall vibe of the room in need of the countertops. But while you’ve probably pictured the surface you will need for your final look, what about countertop edge options? When it comes to selecting the best countertop edge style, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The Right Edge is Essential: Countertop Edge Options

The two most popular options for countertop edge materials are quartz and granite. However, these are by no means your only options. Many people love other materials, such as ceramic tile, stainless steel, concrete, butcherblock, and more. Ultimately, whatever you select will depend on the type of vibe you want. Once you have chosen the material for your countertop, you’re ready to explore edge options. Keep in mind that certain edge treatments are only applicable to certain materials.

Countertop Edge Options to Consider
  • Eased Edge – This is one of the most common countertop edge options. Their square shape and smooth edges provide a sophisticated yet straightforward feel. They also pair wonderfully with shaker cabinets.
  • Rounded Edge – If you find the eased edges too extreme for your room, check out rounded edges. They are available in various cuts, such as ⅜ in or ⅝ in, and provide a softer look. Additionally, they are more resistant to chipping.
  • Bullnose Edge – This type of edge features a curve that extends from top to bottom. Their thin style makes them an ideal fit for family homes. However, if you find that they make your countertops look too thin, consider opting for a half bullnose. This cut is only curved at the top, so the edges will appear slightly longer.
  • Chiseled Edge – A chiseled edge leaves the natural stone exposed, lending a more natural feel to the edge. If your countertop is located in a more rustic area, like a lodge or cabin, this might be the best countertop edge style to go with.
  • Ogee Edge – Ogee edges feature an S-shaped curve. They are likely the first edge treatment option that comes to mind when you picture a traditional countertop edge. However, due to the nature of the cut, they do accumulate dirt and dust much quicker than their eased and rounded counterparts.
  • Beveled Edge – Beveled edges feature 45-degree angles that lend a more contemporary feel. Technically, anything with less than a 90-degree angle could be considered beveled, but the most common cut is 45 degrees.

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