Best Places for Skylights in Your Home

Skylights are an excellent alternative to any home as they allow natural light to enter a space. By opening up a room to outside lighting, you have created an inviting area with a sense of warmth. Depending on the type of installation, you can benefit from ventilation, cost savings and of course the additional light by installing a skylight. So, where should you install skylights in your home? See below for some inspiration.

The Bathroom

A bathroom is a great place to add a skylight because you have the luxury of extra lighting without any of the privacy issues that come with wall windows. A venting skylight is a great option for a bathroom as it allows for more natural light in the room. Additionally, the skylight may help with moisture issues, which is a big problem in bathrooms. With a ventilating skylight, you get just the right amount of humidity to avoid mildew, rot or mold in your bathroom.

Master Bedroom

When lying in bed, where are your eyes focused? On the ceiling! Imagine laying in bed and being able to see the night sky. Skylights are the perfect addition to a master bedroom as they allow you to drift off to sleep while gazing at the beautiful night sky. You will also have access to natural light during the daytime hours which creates a warmer look for any room.

An Attic

Many homes have attics that have been converted into usable space. And, with a converted attic, you have additional space and a new room in the home. Skylights in an attic space can provide ventilation as well as much-needed lighting in a dark area. A skylight can also be considered a point of escape for an emergency which is essential when transforming an attic into usable space.

Family Room

An area where you probably spend most of your time is the family room. This space is also ideal for installing skylights in your home. You can add natural light and avoid having the sun shine in from larger wall windows. Because family rooms have heavy traffic, skylights can provide the right amount of natural light without the harsh glares and bright sunshine. And, adding electric blinds to the skylights offers customized control, allowing you to have light whenever you like.


Another great place for natural lighting is in the kitchen. Skylights provide natural light from above which creates an ideal cooking space. The added overhead light is preferential for preparing and cooking meals, as well as entertaining guests throughout the day. Also, when you install skylights, you have less of a need for wall windows which in turn frees up more space for cabinets or furniture.

Skylights in your home can be a great addition to any room. By adding natural light and ventilation, skylights can make your home even more comfortable and enjoyable. Take a look around the house and see how you can add skylights to add a personal touch. If you are looking to install a skylight in your home, Friel Lumber has all the materials and ideas you need for the job. Contact Friel today to learn more about how we can help you complete your project.

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