7 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

Kitchen remodeling is a hot item right now. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen to enjoy or sell your home, it is important to consider what people are looking for these days. Cabinets can set the personality for your kitchen, but what is beautiful isn’t always functional. It is necessary to look at what other homeowners are doing and potential buyers want. Check out the top 7 kitchen cabinet design trends below. From stark-modern-industrial-look to the whimsical-homey-comfy ambiance, there is a preference for everyone’s style.

This kitchen when for a Shaker style cabinet with a gray-green pale color. This again the light countertop, stainless steel over and subway tile backsplash really makes a statement.


1. Soft Muted Neutral Colors

From grays, whites and pale blue/greens, you will see more kitchens being redesigned in soft muted colors. You will see more going neutral instead of using bold bright colors. This works well with open floor plans, which is nearly what everyone wants anyway, and smaller kitchens. Of all colors, whites and grays seem to be the most popular across the board. Pale blues and greens work well in more traditional-style homes but can give a regal look to any kitchen.



This white, high-gloss, flat paneled kitchen works well with a white backdrop. It really helps with a contrasting butcher block countertop and tan tile flooring.


2. High-Gloss, Flat Panel

This style is the epitome of modern sleek, almost space age design. Think 2001, A Space Oddessy. The look is almost barren with a stark, innovative, functional form that feels out of this world. The fun part is that you can go with a contrasting countertop or a fun backsplash. This also has high resell value since it goes with just about any decor. We do recommend stainless steel appliances or matching white as black it a bit too contrasting for the cabinets. Then again, it’s all in how you do it.



This kitchen lets the cabinets speak for themselves. They also used a combination of flat panel cabinets in white (another popular trend).


3. Exotic Wood

While many think of exotic woods for the flooring, others have taken that look and texture to their kitchen cabinets. Woods like Bamboo, Zebrawood, Wenge, American Red Gum and more are becoming popular for cabinetry. The draw is the natural style and wood grains. Some, like Wenge, Zebrawood and Bamboo give a straighter, stripped texture. On the other hand, American Red Gum allows more uniqueness in it’s less uniformed grain.




Drawers are being swapped out with the traditional tall standing cabinets. People find this more functional to various types of storage.


4. Wide Cabinet/Drawer Design

This look turns things on its side, almost literally. Designers are choosing short, wide cabinets for the walls and base drawers instead of base cabinets below the counters. These cabinets and drawers are extremely functional offering unique storage with an amped up trendy construction. We see this in more modern kitchens, especially with high-gloss, flat panel cabinets or shaker style cabinets. We highly recommend incorporating drawers into the design, even if it’s just a few.



These light oak shaker style cabinets work with a variety of countertops and appliance colors. We have seen them painted or left natural. They are very versatile.


5. Shaker Style Cabinets

It’s hard to say this is a trend because it really is a classic. Used for many years, this style isn’t going anywhere. People love the simplicity of the shaker style. It falls under a minimalist look even though it is considered traditional. With clean, even lines, this is a great happy medium if you don’t want to go too modern or too traditional. Also great to consider if you are upgrading the kitchen to put on the market.




Can you find the refrigerator? Many homeowners opt to hide some of their appliances, while letting others, like the stove, stand out.


6. Concealed Appliance Cabinets

Homeowners are looking to conceal their appliances for two reasons. One, to have a unified look throughout their kitchen. Second, to hide appliances that may not match. Both are great reasons. It also decreases visual focal points, so if you want the stove to be center stage, it can be. It can also declutter by having cabinets for toaster ovens and other small appliances.




This kitchen uses white furniture style cabinets, white backsplash and brick wall that gives it the classic traditional look.


7. Furniture Style Cabinets

This is an ode to the traditional but still very chic. Furniture style cabinets bring the old world style to your kitchen. The benefit of these is how custom and regal furniture style cabinets look. The attention to detail is beautiful with table legs/feet, trim, toe kicks, detailed end panels, valances and more. This style really works well in open spaces with large islands or even actual furniture for an island.

Inspired by these kitchen cabinet design trends? Here at Friel Kitchen and Bath Design Center, we can help you create your ideal kitchen. Stop into our Design Center today. Our team is here to help you from conception to the completion of your kitchen project.

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