7 Creative Pantry Door Ideas to Customize Your Kitchen

A pantry door is one of the things in a kitchen that can be easy to overlook. However, adding a creative pantry door can make a bold statement, whether you want to liven up an existing kitchen or you have plans for a kitchen remodel. Unlike much larger home remodel projects, simply adding or changing your door doesn’t take much time because you don’t need to worry about following dozens of strict, confusing building codes. There are so many innovative pantry door ideas for you to consider! Here are seven creative ways to customize your kitchen with fantastic pantry doors:

We love a well-placed pocket door. It saves on space, and they come in many different styles to match any kitchen.

1. Frosted Glass French Doors

French doors have been popular for a while now, but why not raise the stakes and incorporate a French door with frosted glass? The glazing will still keep a kitchen light and airy and keep any shelves inside out of plain view.

2. Pocket Doors

These cleverly designed doors recess into the walls when opened, revealing a barrier-free entrance to a pantry. Whether opened or closed, pocket pantry doors don’t take up any floor space or detract from minimalist designs. They all but disappear when opened!

3. Rustic Vintage Doors

Any type of vintage or rustic feature in a home can elicit wondrous responses. Loaded with style, color, and unique design, rustic or vintage doors serve not just as a divider between a pantry and a kitchen but also as a peek into a bygone era. Bring some of the magic of years past into your home with a vintage or rustic pantry door.

4. Sliding Barn Doors

Source: The DIY Mommy – We love the use of space that can sometimes be underutilized. However, a sliding barn door can work in a lot of areas. It’s a stunning addition to any home.

Barn doors had become one of the most popular types of doors for pantries a few years ago. Although at first, it seemed that it would be a short-lived trend in kitchen design, using barn doors throughout the home has proven to have some real staying power.

They are perfect for small homes since they don’t take up floor space when they are opened and don’t obstruct the kitchen. Barn doors are also ideal for pantries with shallow shelves for the same reasons.

5. Painted Pantry Doors

Even the most typical, mundane pantry door can breathe new life into a kitchen with a bit of color! Painting the doors can add depth, dimension, and personality to any space.

Chalk paint is a popular trend now, and its unique finish and wide range of available colors make it a practical, effective way to add style and function to any door.

6. Farmhouse Doors

The simple yet elegant farmhouse doors offer an inviting, warm and homey vibe to kitchens of all sizes. The most common design for these doors is a distressed or weathered finish.

A distressed finish can instantly transform any type of pantry door into a rustic piece of art. Many people add distressed signs and matching vintage-looking hardware to complete the laid-back feel.

7. Screened Pantry Doors

People commonly use screen doors in older restaurant kitchens, but they also make fascinating new pantry doors. They are lightweight and easy to open, and a significant benefit is that they allow plenty of ventilation and air movement through the area.

Looking For a New Pantry?

The options for screen doors are limitless, especially with their unique designs and decorative door panel cut-outs. The screen allows a view of what’s in the pantry but still maintains a bit of mystery. They can be painted according to your preferences and can be anything from simple off-the-shelf designs to custom-made with intricate patterns.

For more creative pantry door ideas and to make your visions for your kitchen come to life, contact Friel Kitchen & Bath Design Centers today. We are located in Chester, MD, and also have a new center in Easton!

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